December 8, Qinghai "Internet +" plateau characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry wisdom big data platform, was officially launched on-line at the provincial Animal Husbandry Department, marking an important step in our province agriculture and animal husbandry from the traditional to the modern, agricultural plateau characteristics of wisdom animal husbandry has taken new steps。 It is understood that, in Qinghai Province "Internet +" plateau characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry wisdom of big data platform is designed to accelerate the agricultural production of intelligent, network management, data management, service oriented online。
Emerging Internet platform, network cloud, and artificial intelligence technology, a platform section 14, N application modules。 Which contains 14 sections farming wisdom, wisdom, animal husbandry, fishery wisdom, the wisdom of grassland, agricultural and livestock safety quality, integrated business management, government collaborative management, information services, GIS intelligent control, emergency command system of provincial platform, Farming Goes data, agricultural commerce, industry and wisdom of rural poverty alleviation, has built up one of the world pastoral wisdom of "one-stop" service。 At present, the initial formation of the province of information technology policy system, and gradually establish a pattern of diversified information services, substantial progress in the construction of big data platform has made the wisdom of agriculture and animal husbandry, began to promote the use in the production, agricultural information emerging new forms mode , agricultural information work has taken new steps。 "Qinghai" Internet + "embodiment of the wisdom of agriculture and animal husbandry," has become to accelerate the implementation of the "Internet +" wisdom agricultural guidance document and an important guarantee for the effective integration of information technology and promote the modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry depth, continuously improve the information service "three rural" level。
According to the Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Market Information Office of Hubei Wynn, and now Qinghai province has initially established as the leading agricultural information network, the provincial industry and professional website, giving the city three agricultural counties comprehensive information site group。 Timely and accurate release policies and regulations, industry trends, agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology, market conditions, agricultural monitoring, quality and safety information。
12316 hotline to farmers and as a platform for the province's agricultural information service network system was further improved。 Currently, the province has started a pilot implementation of information villages and households, the construction of county-level agricultural integrated information service hall 10, 358 village information service stations。 50% of the agricultural sector of the city state set up information technology services, agricultural and pastoral areas of more than 5,000 information workers。
This year has been taken way combination of online and offline, in the province to carry out phone skills training, training a total of 2.420,000 farmers and herdsmen。
At the same time it built a provincial counties videoconferencing network systems, and fully utilized。 Provincial Animal Husbandry Department intelligence agricultural big data platform carefully crafted agricultural e-commerce platform "cow coffee tribes' online operations, docked in the province leading enterprises and cooperatives 68, settled 16, has been pioneering the line 40 chain of super high-end agricultural products and 60 dealers。 Source: Qinghai Daily。