Clapperboard Qiaoxia, Sheng Joe ran his hand a bottle of white screen.At this point she has no face, just the kind of young and ignorant, and his eyes reveals a self-righteous little savvy, a rise of a vertical pupil of the eye, have hurt small look clearly visible under the lens.
  Executive director whispered: “the eyes of the little details of the deal very well.”
  Director nods.
  Screen, who has handed Joe Sheng Ming took the elixir of life, a dose of cold channel: “Dan gift of love this temple down, and another day to thank.”
  Then down, eyes closed, pranayama, the body suddenly startled suddenly tilt down, curled into a ball on the ground, full of pain between facial features.
  Sheng hands behind Joe stood, gloating laugh.
  Zeng Ming suddenly looked up, his face full of bloodstained not cover anger: “You give me something to eat?”
  Sheng Joe “tut” or two, crouched down in front of him, patted him on the face and said: “This form of Dan named Dan, who will reveal the true body suits, and has been reduced, shrink shrink shrink shrink shrink.”Sheng Joe hands in the air of a,” I can take you to shrink trampled in their hands!You look at the thief who stole Dan also how to escape my palm!”
  Zeng Ming roar: “Who says I’m a thief stole Dan?”
  Sheng Joe grinned,