”The best this time do not drink cold.”
  Fu think of what raw cold, he said: “I remember you cases.Come fake it.”
  Su Yuan: “.”He knows how even this.
  When got off the phone, the phone Su Yuan ends up jacket pocket, sat down on the back seat, they found not know when to quiet down, the two men had Pinjiu not drink within the box, two pairs of eyes staring at her Look Meng.
  Su Yuan move uneasily under the fart.Shares, “Look what I?”
  Gujiu An wait any longer, then asked: “Whose phone?”
  Huoting Chen Although he did not ask, but unblinking, looking at Su Yuan, the answer to this question is obviously very concerned about.
  ”Uh, yes Fu raw cold calling.”
  Both guess who is calling, or want to confirm, and so got the answer to be expected, and my heart not uncomfortable, did not get on the ground before take each other to drink momentum, like wilted cock collapse under the shoulder.
  Gujiu An acid does not pull a few authentic: “Oh, he is very concerned about you Well.”
  Huoting Chen Oh the sound, said: “They care about the genuine boyfriend girlfriend normal ah.”