East Stone was scared of a shiver, inexplicable feel familiar to just this Spring, this time some stranger, whatever the outcome, they are together into the House, and also together for two months, two months, he has the impression of being Chunxiao is unknown, is flowing color or how to bully others, that’s all life and bear down, except for that of a good-looking skins, this did not seem the slightest edge, but people often ignore or even despise the existence of.
Available today, FarStone see Chunxiao, is totally not the same, because she also has a temper, but also has its own momentum.
“I, I’ll go.”East Stone have refused to think, quickly turned and rushed informed, there is a fear that something important was that he delayed.
Jiang Chu has been in waiting, she knew from Bowen followed out after Yao Ji ever since, she knew, must be the Chunxiao has been some action, so she was waiting, waiting for Spring to give her a result, she hopes