Everyone all looking great changes, no one thought Dai Xiaozhang actually fainted in which Traditional Chinese Medicine!
  Liang Huang B stands on the platform, still holding the needles, the people are ignorant.
  ”How could, how is this possible!I just tie the points, it is clearly blood circulation, how will people dizzy tie!”
  Chak Yan Song suspended and Dean quickly rushed to feel the pulse of a man with one hand, two of his face is becoming somewhat ugly.
  ”Gout, acute gout!”
  Acute gout, though not serious, but can cause a series of complications, body spasms may make the patient bite his tongue, or suffocate.
  So this time wearing Xin, is facing a life-threatening!
  ”Dai Bobo!”
  Ma Baiwei at this time can not attend many, and quickly rushed to pull the leaves white, looking extremely nervous.
  ”Ye white, there are ways to do?”
  Compared to these so-called geniuses, Ma Baiwei still believe the father’s eyes, this is certainly not simple white leaf.
  White leaf he came, eyes turned a bit worn Xin, Lengheng soon.
  ”Just do not know what your good results in the hands of these charlatans, good governance but also to give you bad, get out!”