He Ma Wan, see also the only safe Zhen would not budge, and cried: “The security master, this thing really does not matter with me, I’m innocent, it’s all my father single-handedly do that, you save deliver me, I pray you, and you say to him, I do not look good!”

Wu really can not control myself not to be afraid, but his nonsense that paragraph there, it hides the real reason for his father lying on the ground, what a stroke is where ah, is clearly the day he opened the door, even I found this kid actually break free shackles, after his father lying on the back, the wearer to bite down several pieces of meat, life and life of his father bite of meat almost nothing directly fainted, sent to the hospital, almost to make check The doctor also gave scared sick.

Wu stealing his father’s possession of a good blood, sealed up again this kid, I grew more and more afraid, lest this kid practice much, once again break the shackles, they think of a feng shui master to cheat, Reprogramming after the reason, the substitution can put this kid said to be the ghost, you can put it completely fell bone dust.

But did not expect, he spent three million brought in this, do not even help him to help this kid