XIA away was sitting in bed reading the literature of it, hear the phone ring, take a look over, happy to abandon the books, won the second mobile phone replied: “commitment has been received, and irrevocably.Mystery man’s Box has been opened, the progress 1/4.”
  Cheng looked at the progress of the winter quarter, there will be no calm smile on his face too, it seems his gifts today, even more than this small envelope it.
  Two people looking over playing childish games this little surprise prepared XIA away, play really enjoying themselves.
  Cheng winter baby like this open the envelope, and even the corner Pursuit heart are not damaged, which would drop out of the two concert tickets.Cheng Dong of highbrow classical music is not much interested, XIA send away this is not natural.
  What surprises ready, we naturally have to match up the.
  This is the official game soundtrack concerts world-renowned gaming giant, ancient version of the classic BGM will almost ten the following year played by live orchestra.
  There is also Zhang payment orders, it is because of this gift yet no entity is XIA away to buy tickets to the carnival scene gave him.
  Cheng Dong know