“If the Crown Prince was scared to go out of the screen incontinence, it is widely praise Pro people of genteel calm which is a joke, right.”

Flower Mu dropped his eyes, like gentle lamb: “I have no choice.”

“No, no, of course you have.”She went out pulp rubs his smooth cheek:” You join forces bombed the house of my father spent twenty years entirely built large park, even with the election of Mr. Paik messed up, you can be powerful.”

“Ok?”Flower Mu shook his head:” I do not know what you’re talking.”

“And the news has been said, this is your own staff operational errors, he should keep a clear.”

“I do not know – you do not know?!”The woman’s voice instantly sharp up:” You may not know how the fuck?!And those books that you all do not know the roster?!”

Flower Mu deep breath and whispered: “I did not know this, but if you are willing to check it, I had just finished surgery out of the hospital, Su Ming court in only two or three days to live.”

“I do not care these!”Zhang Rui heart directly shouted out:” Take these things out of all post!Do you look innocent his mother to the poor!”