Luo Xu remained silent head down, as if did not hear what she was saying.
  Cheng is not urgent double, calmly opening the phone, the phone starts playing the video table in front of Xu Luo throw up.
  ”Take a look, what is this.”
  Sight is so big, even if do not want to see Xu Luo also see, Cheng got the double surveillance video data.
  Picture, the process they sent people running short section of grass looks crystal clear.
  ”I think you know better than me what it is, it makes sense carrying the dead?”
  Luo Xu crazy eyelids quivering, still without a word, double-Cheng calm approached, the phone hides in the back pocket, washed her and said: “Go to the hospital today Shihai harvest a message.”
  ”Xu ao awake.”Cheng bilateral position to go on watching her:” But miserable, into a vegetative state.”
  ”The doctor can not contact you, I began to contact me, and he asked me to hospital costs of the settlement at this time.I and Xu ao non-relative, therefore, am I spending money for him, you say it?”
  ”He was your grandfather.”Xu Cheng Luo stared angrily double opening, blood red eyes:” Do not forget, your hands holding this company or his!”
  Cheng double highlighted: “You have a problem of perception.This company almost went out of business, but also long-term at a loss, I wish you early training and preparation