[Among other things, just Guoya Jie and Liao Xiaoxiao same box, now Mu Jin and Liu Liu with the box, who wins a glance ah]
  [Heater selection and vision is good, very good-looking ah Mu Jin]
  [I like the looks of Mu Jin]
  [In today’s magic mirror-like shot, I think the least how aliasing, is the Miu Miu]
  [Miu Miu money, after all, the whole good]
  [Aliasing really is the most obvious Qin rain and the children rice, black fat, really ugly]
  Do not put it this way in front of [?It is also good-looking than you]
  [We regard the refrigerator to receive an income, it is simply a subjective evaluation chant]
  Lu swept away seven of these comments, it beckoned to book Song, Song nodded, gave a telephone call technical department.
  ”Since everyone comes to the appearance of this problem, and that we come to a surprise picture, all accounts can participate, within three minutes, a total of eleven artists, all ready to go vote now, live below my room, will be opened a polling district.”

Chapter 220 mutual loss
  Lu Song seventy-one see OK gesture than a month, he said, “Well, the technology department has somehow, you can now go to vote, and quickly, ah just three minutes, three minutes later to close this poll..”
  ”Select your mind warm favorite artists, will simply judge a book just fine, thank you friends ~ ~ ~ ~”
  Lu seventy-one suddenly so what, surprise to everyone, but the response