”This a good idea to prepare ahead of time, do not fight the battle uncertain!”Li Xuan gently appreciation sentence.
  After the ceremony, Li Xuan and Zhong Chuhong leave together.
  ”Where did you hair dryer are?”After Zhongchu Hong bath, some hanging a glistening hair, out of the bathroom and asked.
  ”I have not touched!”Li Xuan was reading a book leaning against the bed, he looked casual retorted, eyes was attracted to the beautiful scenery.
  Zhong Chuhong saw Shuiqun wearing a translucent silk, and there is no occlusion, the chest projections Shuiqun gently propped two hemispheres, two attractive pink milk – halo clearly visible, two Fu compact slender thighs perfectly at intercourse, that a handful of sparse black hair barely visible.
  Li Xuan heart of a hot, Adam’s apple while provocative, gently swallow spit.
  ’Twas!”Jiao Zhong Chuhong seems like anger ramp at him, he turned and returned to find the bathroom hair dryer.
  Li Xuan directly down from the bed, gently follow-up shower room, Zhongchu Hong has found a hair dryer, a positive tilts his head in front of a large mirror glass front of the stage wash hair blowing.He stepped forward and direct, his girlfriend from behind through the armpit stopped her, and according to that of Alice in Zhongchu Hong chest Ting Yu hands hundreds of times – kneading up on milk.
  Li Zhi Zhong Chuhong chest is not so big, Kankan use palm Yingying a grip, but the flexibility is very good, not tire hundred people touch.Li Xuan again nightgown hanging lightly pull on his girlfriend down the side of the shoulder, leaned over and gently latch onto the ball left exposed, scarlet breast – tip.