Not only just thanked him comfort, more importantly, is this spiritual identity.It is so he kind of strange empathy.
  Qin Bo nodded his head, he knows.
  If not for these, the case of Zhou Yu would not want to conceal his condition down.
  ”Thank you, Xu predecessors, after what you want, you can come to me and jade in case, let me say good-bye.”Qin Bo after leaving his address, ready to leave.
  He did not intend to ask each other where to go, did not ask the other party going to do next, these things, he does not want to say poke someone else’s scars.
  Hsu Hung should sound “good”, but when Bo turned and walked out of the Qin, suddenly added: “The mother of small, remote.Who died last week, overcome with grief,.”
  He said that would not say, but self-deprecating laugh: “I tell you