Marriage is a major event in life. Of course, we should consider it carefully. Although Flash Marriage is impulsive, he cannot resist true love if it comes.. Come and see who is the constellation with the special Flash Marriage luck this year, perhaps today is still single, tomorrow is a wife?.   Since February, Aries has been seeing peach blossoms. The possibility of meeting true love is very high. Aries, who is always impulsive, is more likely to have Flash Marriage.. Especially the older unmarried, while their enthusiasm is still there, might as well try a bit boldly..   Leo has always been in Leo with dominant emotion. The window period will make it difficult for them to adapt to loneliness. Loneliness is the emotion they don’t want.. In this kind of mood, once you come into contact with a new relationship, in order to get rid of loneliness, you may not necessarily bully the president, and you will carry the other party to the civil affairs bureau..   Sagittarius Sagittarius always knows how to have fun in time. For those they love, they follow their heart. If they really want to be with each other for a lifetime, they will not hesitate. They may get up in the morning and get married on the spur of the moment..   Scorpio generally has nothing to do with this year. It is a relatively stable year for Scorpio, with nothing good or bad going on.. If you want to break the boredom, you need a little impulse, especially in the emotional aspect, love at first sight, and even the lightning marriage will have unexpected surprises..   Sometimes happiness is missed when one reads only poorly.. Bless you and hope to create your own happiness in 2017.! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.