At the end of the year, is everyone making a lot of money or are they still eating dirt?? The year 2017 is also coming, so let’s see if inside, the five constellations with the greatest fortune in 2017, has you.!   TOP5 Gemini During 2016, the clever Gemini has been carefully planning and operating some projects that can earn some profits. Unfortunately, some carefully calculated projects will be hindered by the end of the year. However, in 2017, some projects that he gave up will be approved, which is exactly what is called an accident. The following impact is that the income will also increase ~ TOP4 Libra Libra will mainly adopt a conservative style of work in 2016, seeking progress in a steady way, and the results will come slowly, but they can all generate steady income. After 2017, Libra will have some unexpected gains in addition to these results. It is a bit smooth in terms of investment, but it is important to pay attention to receiving as soon as possible..   TOP3 Aries at the end of the year, after Jupiter moved to Virgo, Aries’ wealth bias will weaken. however, in 2017 Aries with extremely wide contacts can still generate wealth through interpersonal relationships and have the opportunity to learn about wealth information. if they have a wide range of wealth, they will reap as much as they sow in terms of work, and their income will be relatively small, but small money can also accumulate into large ones..   TOP2 Capricorn, a workaholic, will get a corresponding reward for his hard work at the end of the year. He will have the opportunity to be promoted and reused by his superiors. Capricorn will have the best fortune in 2017. As long as he believes in his own analysis and judgment and even intuition, he can make a lot of money by grasping the opportunity quickly..   TOP1 Virgo Virgo’s good fortune is still enviable. Virgo in This Time I’ll Make You Rich has too many opportunities to make money in 2017. Virgo doesn’t work as hard as Capricorn, but the channel of salary increase has been opened. You will expand your coffers due to some happy events of family elders or parents’ help in purchasing real estate.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.