As the saying goes, “Life is 100 and there are all kinds of people”. Green Tea Bitch is one of them. This kind of people may seem harmless, but in fact they are extremely poisonous.! Today, Xiao Bian will tell you the appraisal standard of Green Tea Bitch in 2017. He will show you the daily life of Green Tea Bitch and let Green Tea Bitch Brannigan!   I. Single hazard and Green Tea Bitch, who love to provoke Han, generally do not have fixed boyfriends, but they have a wide range of male friends, and female friends are extremely unstable when they go to circles. They have to change a batch every once in a while.. I like to stare big eyes all the time and look at anyone, especially men, innocently.. If your boyfriend is pulled up by such a Green Tea Bitch, she will definitely explain to you: “I really have nothing to do with your boyfriend. I talk to him every day. Don’t get me wrong. He and I are just ordinary Just Pals.”. “Congratulations, you met the real Single hazard Green Tea Bitch.   For the following constellations: Pisces, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius II, looks like ordinary elegant Green Tea Bitch does not grow The Empress Dowager, but has several characteristics: the skin is generally white, looks generally between 3-5 points, not too beautiful amazing, but generally not ugly, usually dressed up. I like retro style or literary style.. I feel like Joey Wong, Anni Baobei in my heart and Zhang Ailing in my circumstances.. When they face men, they speak very politely and blush with shame with a rude word, but it is different in front of us girls, do shrews know that?? What a dirty word to say.   The following contents apply to constellations: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio III, and Green Tea Bitch, which changes greatly at night, are different from our ordinary Suspenders Girl Dress Up. They all have several faces. During the day, if you look through her micro blog and WeChat circle of friends, you will find that her daily movements are quite normal, and it will be amazing at night.! Empty loneliness suddenly welled up, they began to send something similar to me. I was so sad, what did I do wrong, did I fail very much or something like that to gain the attention of the boys, and the softhearted and scheming boys took the bait at once. This is the typical Green Tea Bitch who likes to sing and be pitied without illness..   The following contents apply to constellations: Gemini, Aquarius, Capricorn and Aries, and the original articles should be reproduced with the source indicated.