2017 is coming to an end, how did you spend it?? What unforgettable things have happened? If you use one word to describe your year, which word do you use? The summary report of the twelve constellations in 2017, let’s see what you are..   The following contents of Aries: Hi, the goals set by Aries in 2017 have long been lost to the Pacific Ocean, but this also affects the mood of Aries.. Generally speaking, Aries has had a very good year, eating well, sleeping well, working happily and having fun.. Continue to eat and love in 2018, please refuel well..   Taurus: steady 2017 is a stable year for Taurus, with no special changes. the goals set at the beginning of the year have been basically realized, but there is still no breakthrough emotionally.. In 2018, you can plan your emotional life well..   The following contents of Gemini: Change Gemini There will be a major breakthrough change in 2017. This change may be physical, environmental, people around you, and more importantly psychological.. 2018 is still a year of change for Gemini. Please be prepared and continue your efforts..   Cancer’s following content: money “money” is cancer’s key word in 2017. no matter what happens, good or bad things are all related to money.. Cancer realized the importance of money in inside in the past year.. In 2018, make great efforts to make money. How can we solve the problem but only get rich!   Leo: 2017 is a year of comparison with nurse agrievance for Leo. The reality and ideal are always far apart. The plan will never catch up with the changes. Accidents will happen from time to time. In short, it is not a satisfactory year for Leo.. Fortunately, 2018 is the year of Leo’s general trend, and everything will soon be over if it is not good..   Virgo’s following content: busy 2017 Virgo is very busy, busy with work, busy with study, busy with love, rarely have time to be alone. At the beginning of 2018, Virgo should find some time to take some time alone to sort out his thoughts and lead 2018 well..   Libra’s following content: warm 2017 Libra’s key word is “warm”. this warm may come from family members, lovers, or even strangers. The year 2017 is a magical year for Libra. Although luck is normal and twists and turns are frequent, luck has broken out and people will always help you, so you can finally get through 2017 safely..   Scorpio’s following content: love Scorpio 2017 revolves around “love”, or get love in this year, or lose love, or love entanglements. In any case, 2017 is about to pass, what matters is not the past but the future, so we should grasp 2018 well..   Sagittarius has the following contents: The Sagittarius in 2017 is very wavy, unable to restrain his inner impulse and wants to run out whenever he has the chance.. There are happy, angry, sad and helpless. In short, it was a year in Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi..   Capricorn: Tired Capricorn will feel tired for the longest time in 2017.   Aquarius has the following contents: The difference between blindness and Virgo’s “busy” is that Aquarius’ 2017 is “blind”, confused, blind, accomplished nothing, unexamined, unable to find goals and motivation, which is a worse year.. Fortunately, this year is coming to an end and 2018 will be a good year..   Pisces has the following contents: The key word of acid 2017 is “acid”. This year Pisces did not have a very easy time. It was mainly manifested in career, love and unsatisfactory work. Pisces only knew about the central acid and suffering.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.