Part One: Huangmei want to hear something to eat dinner, a person walking fruits Lake.The city’s noisy and hot, while irritability Dunsheng.  At the moment, ears sounded faintly melodious Huangmei, let me mesmerized, dreamlike.Mother and seek, then I do not know from where the sound.I suddenly realize that my mind a voice shouting, I want to see Huangmei.  Huangmei tune originated in the Dabie Mountains of tea, I do not know after how many generations of mountain sister sung, now Pat leaped into one of the country’s popular Chinese drama.I like what time Huangmei Opera, and now can not tell.However, since the hour, as long as I heard that there Huangmei play, I must go.Then just curious to admire the actors one by one, and I do not know a little played out on the stage being a tear-jerking, soul-stirring story.  Grow up, only slowly from the stage cries leisurely injury, cheerful, spraying hate tone, feel the joys and sorrows of dramatic characters, ups and downs.Many a night, I sigh for the cowherd and, for the seven fairies and Dong tear stained skirt.That makes the pain of broken enterohepatic love story, it’s a long and meaningful singing three sigh, all Keke always linger in my mind.  How many years have passed, although I am away from home, no matter where we go, I always forget to bring around a stack of Huangmei tabs.The dead of night, a cup of tea, open a pack of cigarettes, and then open the butterfly and place machines, immerse yourself in Huangmei that ecstasy in music, let himself into the Huangmei that people lingering in the context of.At this moment, I am also sad with the human drama also glad, happy – bitter, truly feel the life is like drama, drama is like life.  Perhaps it Huangmei this magic, it always I dreamed, like night and day.There are times when I look at healing the hearts of Huangmei as prescriptions, to listen to the troubles of Huangmei as a row of loving food.  Long time no see Huangmei, really I want Mimi to listen to a hometown of Huangmei.    Part Two: Over and over again this border north of Huangmei spring always comes late Southland.Southland At this point it is spring, when spring planting busy charming.In contrast, it becomes bleak the North.North upright chill at this time, just spit out new green tree.  It was in this season, people love to see a romantic fluttering away quickly under heavy snow.This season, this April, this snow, I was a bit sad to.Maybe this is not who I love a romantic, so it sentimental.When sentimental, far more than a thousand miles away from home in this place, it is possible to hear the Huangmei Opera, which makes me feel excited.  Then on “Cultural Studies” course, taught was a fifty-year-old professor.In that class in order to alleviate the professor in class atmosphere even sang Huangmei.It makes me very surprised, I did not think this was born in and grew up in Shaanxi, a professor working in Urumqi actually can sing Huangmei, and he sings pretty good.  Xinjiang has been home to more than half a year, and also did not return home midway.On that lesson, the first time I heard a long absence, Huangmei in Xinjiang.  Tongcheng still time, although not always listen to me Huangmei, but also a lot.I am not a fans.But at home, also often accompany my grandfather to the theater.That’s what holiday village met troupe always please to performances.Every village in Me and performance, my parents always put my grandfather then see a play.My grandfather was a die-hard fans.My grandfather always want to see them keep company.Although I am not very willing, but could not bear to whisk the wishes of the elderly.So I went to the theater and each holding a small bench.Looked at several times, gradually also do not hate the.And then I volunteered to go to the theater and grandfather, and this time my grandfather always stretch his face bright smile.Sauna net Now think about it, I felt my grandfather’s care and thought.Back then himself, turned a deaf ear to Huangmei, every day is to indulge in pop music.My grandfather saw this set is disappointed.At the same time, he saw me from my generation gradually alienated Huangmei.This is the generation of them that most people do not want to see.So he forced to come up with the elders asked me to stand with him to watch a movie together.Think about the time of the performance, it will be severely hurt this life-long love of the old man’s heart in Huangmei.Many thanks to some improvement in the attitude of their own later, only to see his pleasant smile.I have this small change can make him exposed satisfied smile.I regret why would not change a bit more, those old people may be more happy.Now, with regret of the heart, such opportunities are few and far the.Maybe that’s my lesson now, have not the time to cherish, cherish the time no longer have.  Hometown of Huangmei people say that people can not sing a lot of money real Anqing.It makes me very sad.Because I can not sing Huangmei, he is a native of Anqing.Although Anqing leave now, after a lot of opportunity I will not go back.But my home in Anqing, it is a fact will never change.So, I do not sing Huangmei became my one regret.Unfortunately, after leaving the Anqing much clearer, let me sad is that it is difficult to remedy this regrettable.  Or opportunity finally came.Ten years did not return home uncle and grandfather before the Ching Ming Festival this year back to their loved ones grave Tongcheng.The over seventy years old and grandfather of the same age who live in Xinjiang is a more than fifty years, with only a few times back home.Now, I stayed with him for a city.The number of times to his house a lot.Go to his house, he always forget to ask the change in my hometown, which he will always be one: the home is not often played Huangmei, talking, he shook his head gently sigh.I knew he was in these years that Xinjiang is rarely listen to Huangmei.And just Huangmei Opera is the joy of his childhood.From him, I seem to see the shadow of himself when old age.To listen to a Huangmei can not shadow.  Now, he can finally put down the children and grandchildren here to go home.Maybe he was at home will not be long.But enough long-cherished wish he wanted a taste of the Huangmei.Know he sets go home, I’m glad.Go to his home, asked him to bring me the tape several dishes Huangmei come back.He looked at me, then they seem to see themselves.I know, I was more fortunate than his.  Really did not expect a “culture of learning” courses, a professor of Huangmei few lyrics, I actually brought back my deep thoughts of Huangmei Huangmei.  In the North this season slightly sad to hear Huangmei, it feels so good.