Part One: April, Huaihua district of Huaihua open, in bright green Salvinia in bunches, and a string of bursts of aroma nostrils, incense also open the pores of the body Breathe.  April, SJ, open every branch Huaihua pedicle dozens of small flowers, white petals bloom convey information to people filled the air with fragrance, quietly, quietly, it seems a little late spring Hao shame, but also a calm indifferent silence.  An old cell-specific points of interest, this is common, but Ash is not enchanting charming gesture, not towering tall and straight posture, when not flowering, bothered to look upon the people’s eyes, crosswise to escape the branches, down provoke people suspected it old-fashioned.In this district the birth of this once remote area of effect when planted acacia trees out of a dolphin under what ideas, of course, not to explore, at least in my opinion this small owners, acacia trees planted to green after all, pragmatic and creative community.Only lingering regret, the year before Community Center Street reconstruction, will have grown robust lush acacia trees all cut down, do not put camphor tree flowering, in the area north gate into the road and Fontaine Court Street and the Champs reserves the clip two rows of acacia trees.  What species using green power cell is by no means the owner of the property can come up with many reasons unequivocal fashion, so that the owners of regret and dissatisfaction with the passage of time is weak, just to see the newly opened Huaihua year before Ash causes of associations and memories.Ash is the Jianghan Plain old trees, ancient tree witnessed generations of growth, especially acacia trees around their houses Wanli Township, rain stricken weathered the years, and always maintain quieter character and form, just as plain that the villagers, is the former home of the most scenic sultry chord.  Was pinnate SJ, was led to bees sweet honey Huaihua, Huaihua as well as heat, cooling blood, bleeding effect, Chinese medicine treatment for blood in the stool, hemorrhoids blood, hematuria embolism, and therefore there is a Huaihua cure legend: a very early date there are families, both father and son working outside year round, at home, leaving mother and daughter Huang Qiaozhen.Huang suffering from hemorrhoids, Qiaozhen honor her mother, a man hard to manage with housework.One year drought, population Qiaozhen her family, life really boil down included, had to go out to his family make a living from hunger.Parting Qiaozhen your mother gave her some bran bread, and told her what to eat wild plants can be used to relief in.After Qiaozhen bid farewell to her family, as one thinks of a sick mother, and hurried on their way back, by the way collect some Huaihua on the roadside tree.After returning home Qiaozhen the bran cake with SJ porridge to eat her mother and cure.Huang drank SJ bran bread porridge, hemorrhoids pain relief, stop bleeding, hemorrhoids gradually recovered.This is a shining glory of love legend of the civilian population, is clearly not the kind of fiction and emperors associated pretending to be mysterious legends.  Huaihua open, like snow, such as silver, eloquent dotted with acacia trees, obsessed with the very hot, fragrant, sweetly, and I walked back and forth a few times this little clip Ash Street, slow down the pace, so enjoy a heart moment Huaihua fragrance, eliminate worries about heart.This moment is the moment of the years, this moment is the moment to rush Oh.  A burst of heavy rain falling, SJ snow fell on the concrete floor like, not a heartless thing you falling, but the concrete floor is not into Chunni more quadrangle of.Ash looked up, among a lot of ulterior motives in Yaya open buds waiting.    Part II: missed a Sophora japonica all soon become the past, as if no time to sigh, time on a slip from spring into summer.Outside of intermittent rain, a Unit of the raw cold drill into the bone joints, but in any case you can no longer say it’s spring, because the summer has begun.  And how much I want to infiltrate in Hong SJ’s that fragrance, but Qingyuan, as if bleached bones decay, jade things appear one by one.And she has been shed in my back Liaoning home, she bloom is concentrated.Those of white and purple, they were filled with branches, and everything seems just begun ah, they do not wait for me.In fact, I wish I come back, they are still Jiaorao bloom, and so I raised my camera, leaving those humbling the United States, let me hutongs in Beijing, wandering into a fish Lethe.The time scales of the blinks, mottled all things old alley in those gray walls, old tiles, in the morning or evening sun, I became the silhouette of the moment, the hand of God’s masterpiece.And all this gently removed for miss.  This is inevitable, because I lost at the same time, with additional gains, or that when I get in, I naturally want to lose.I went back home, back to the side of the parents, brothers and sisters back between.In a cordial, surrounded by the warm, lingering thoughts of the long-awaited out together in remission.Mom and Dad getting old, especially my mother, after a decade of serious illness, miraculously well over, and she has become so strange faces and voices, seems to have very far away from us, but in the past it close to us, Mom the simple and hard-working, her mother’s tenacity and accessibility, who appeared in our sister.Saw my father thin and old, I did not cry, not only is there are some faint pain in the heart, but did not cry.I’m not that after sitting on his father’s bike, the father took the little girl to go to school.Suddenly a gust of wind came and blew my father’s clothes, I see my father forced Dengzhe, and he bent down back, I saw him in the old.I cried, I firmly pressed the father’s shirt, do not let the wind again blowing his clothes, in fact, I really want to seize the time, make the time to stop, do not let dad get older.This time I did not cry, do not cry does not mean that the heart of indifference, would have left any given time in everyone’s face, and what they take away, like a tree that flowers bloom.Time, and not because of our sadness, stop running pace, in order to stop it in the hands of graver.This is mature and strong after Dong Xiao world and nature, I get.Dad always show happy and satisfied smile, especially to hold his baby grandson in his arms the moment of happiness like a burst of warmth wind ah, this green home, but also waves of fragrant incense.He missed a Huaihua.Sauna net still go to Hong grinding visited my grandfather, he is from the last visit a year and a half times the.That winter, but this time is in the spring.Or for Grandpa presented flowers, our sisters a few opt to stand in front of him, lit incense and knelt down.Grandpa gave flowers at this time is given, and he will be smiling at us, we are him enough ah, we are raising his life the most beautiful flowers.My tears flowed silently down.  Mountains full of lush almond trees, swaying in the wind, bright sunlight flashing blade of joy.Under Tsing Hang small leaves, a bunch of a bunch of, one by one, huddled together very cute.I could not help but fired several off, like a child, like rubbed into his mouth, and then I closed my eyes, sour, after the sour is sweet, slightly plays Shiba, and if growth the roots, rolling into land.  Walking on Daling and overlooking the turquoise water, mountains and downs, and the trees on the cliff, tough to grow, and my childhood, giving her the claw braided girl, and turned to look at me smile.Be at the place in the wind, I touched a touch to what is the strength of character.They are quickly into my skin and bones.  In the spring, I missed a Sophora japonica, is obtained nostalgia, is the strength of character.    Part Three: Frank and Huaihua incense floating window early in the morning, the air suddenly hit a familiar and unfamiliar fragrant, full-bodied and sweet, reveals a wilderness atmosphere, like a melodious saxophone, lingering linger in my nose.I greedily breathing a few mouthfuls, faint subtle fragrance immersed in every cell of the body, suddenly refreshed.It shares have become more bizarre than the fragrance of roses and sweet, peach off than were more quiet, so I thought for a long suddenly realized: Oh, she must be a SJ!  Known as “small northern Jiangnan” the reputation of Frank, mountainous water, tree flowers.Here the original forest cover is extremely high, standing on a high point of any outside look around, roads and lakes, almost eyeful lush woodlands, trees and small town, especially in the majority Ash.Spring and summer, every hill is green fog-shrouded, wooded; the city houses red roof, surrounded by trees looming in, like a beautiful landscape painting.I like the small town in May, because the addition of a charm flowing in the picturesque scenery that is dense in the fresh air and the thick and fragrant pale Huaihua.  Locust tree flowers, it is time-division Linxia.At this town, nestled between a dense acacia trees, such as yarn in the mist of years, such as poetry and painting, like a dream.That fill the fields of white Huaihua, a brilliant bloom, as if the May snow, the mountains and ravines was a blooming white.A string of milky white flowers, among the slender branches, fell into a deep hanging down, like a snowflake night, quietly falling over the branches.Bag-like petals, Fanqing-white, perfumed with dew, Nature orderly arranged together to form spikes, form a group of flowers, flower clusters have clustered into unrestrained manner show calyx Turui; the timid half – closed; have to understand style still hold the heart; trained, as well as in the quiet of bees falling.Whether next to the cliff, gully side, small river, looking ahead, a snow world.Clouds, fog, Ruxia, dream.A breeze blowing, as waves rolled the lake, such as air white clouds.More chilly sweet floral generous sprinkling Murai courtyard, overflowing the streets, floating in the gully mountains, wilderness sent to field a touch of fragrance, so the town is full of romantic and warm, full of a fresh and elegant garden breath.  I remember a man wrote poetry: “huailin May Yang Viburnum, Yuyu Fen Fang drunk ten thousand.Spring water falling at the blue, fragrant float all the way to the horizon.”Every town Sophora japonica fragrance of the season, I always liked the way in to work, quietly tiptoe, picking a bunch of white Huaihua, on the office window of the vase, she continues to bloom with water conservation.Full House because that is filled with the faint aroma, combined with a breath of early summer, from early morning to sunset, let my mind quiet in the tranquil atmosphere, with tipsy, pondered.  May each year the summer wind gently blowing, the annual Frank “Sophora japonica Festival” will be in the midst of white flowers in a prelude.Tourists from all sides, like to gather in the most dense huailin Erlang, to feel the gift of nature pleasing.At the moment, Erlang huailin a distance, like a vast expanse of flowers, high and straight Ash Mimizaza crowded next to opt for the head toward the sky, although Emotion branches engraved with a dash of years of vicissitudes, but still sticks fan Ye Mao, scent the air.That plump white garden trees Sophora japonica, a string, clusters, sparkling like pearls, but also as exquisite and unique wind chimes, dim swaying between that and elegant luxuriant foliage, the temptation to people’s attention and smell.  Entered the gate, you can hear the hum of bees, blowing is refreshing aroma.Searching to find just between you it is difficult to see the shadow of flowers, only occasional petals falling on his shoulders, slid into the heart between.Walk forest trails, or rest on a stone bench stone table, only the sun pouring down from a gap of foliage, little body floating down the pedestrian, people do not feel the summer heat, only wind bursts of fragrance-filled, it is relaxed and happy.Looking back out of the gate overlooking the branches Bai Yingying piece of flashing in the sun, vast woodlands as if covered with snow, deemed blossoming spray on open blue.I have therefore called this piece huailin SJ sea, and impromptu poem: “guhuai flowers reflect the sun, May rise amid Phi costumes, pile snow cover Chui hidden deserted, when micro-wind blowing Fragrance”.  Incense lonely several times thin wisp of dream in Fangfei.Sophora japonica bloom is warm, durable, does not she wins with peach blooming in spring, but in the “April Fangfei do” days, or in darker hues to decorate the rain garden courtyard and others, so intoxicating Spring, where still linger tempting.But SJ wither than to suddenly blooming in general, and always after a night of wind and rain, the ground will be mottled layer by layer.Petals season, always see someone carefully and gently picked up the petals, dried hidden in the pillow, used to dye incense Yilianyoumeng.And the forest land, but also because the rendering of Sophora japonica, in the soil mellow flavor, the fragrance exudes Ruoyouruowu.Let people inadvertently, marching this mellow land, slowly walked into the warm summer romance.  This year’s Huaihua, still thriving, still fragrant.Walk down the embankment Huai shadow, smell the flowers mellowness of fragrance, filled with joy and pleasure of relaxation.Lai, Hong diameter, there are small groups of people, is the removal string of blooming spikes, they are receiving a generous gift of nature.The Sophora japonica is to me a gift, but not in taste or tea.I like Cassia sticks precarious road, leisure riding quiet lane, flowers and poetry; prefer Huaihua in full bloom at night, alone on the West Wing, Mochizuki smells; exposure to moonlight and a lush shade of mottled next, the Hong Hui-filled Rongrong, Fuyangzhijian in the world, reminding us of scenes away from the Red, swim alone outside the sky.The soul is no proof and tranquility; internal organs, is moist and transparent.At that moment, as if sitting alone among the flowers, chock Executive feast and drink on the moon and that the shallow faint ray of Huaihua incense still in the wilderness small town, small roadside, moonlight, text, curl floating, lingering the.