Part One: SJ regret and fragrant air floated faint, sweet scent, I know SJ opened.I was on campus to smell the smell of it, it tastes refreshing, brought back my slumbering memory.  A child, there was a huge tree behind the old house.Every May Huaihua open, I am most happy thing is to climb the tree, pick a few strings of Huaihua, a real treat.SJ entrance crispy sweet, SJ eat like to eat candy, I happy for days.I was careless, seeking only to enjoy the taste, pour ignoring the taste of Huaihua.  Sophora japonica unforgettable memories of the later things.When the village forest, most of the wasteland and planted a tree, a mountain attached to another hill hilly hilly, so there will be some patches of native forest tree.In May, it became a sea of flowers woods.White Sang Sang Huaihua, like the clouds of heaven, micro wind blows, fragrant flowers.I like the flavor, but also like to be Sophora japonica fragrance mixing time.At that moment, SJ flavor immersed in my bone marrow, became a part of my life can not be stripped.  SJ smell the incense, I am reminded of locust tree forest home.The sun overhead especially impressive, particularly the blue sky, I think home locust tree forest certainly enjoying the sun, you are competing in full bloom.Pursed mouth of those bud, white as snow bud, a blossoming, a string, encrusted branches, sweet fragrance at this wonderful time, the whole mountain is a taste of Huaihua.Ten million acacia trees bloom at the same time exciting, home of the mountain no choice but to become the world Huaihua.Buddha said: “Flowers and the world.”.”It’s countless flowers Viburnum dressed appearance, that was what a strange world ah!With this intention, I seem to have walked into the mysterious world.SJ fingertips, and I can reach out and touch, will disturb a dream.I greedily want to freeze SJ season collection, but how could not find the magic box.So, SJ taste again deeply hidden in my heart.  Huai fragrant air infiltration around reveals a sweet taste.Bees busy, shuttling back and forth, tirelessly.The sun through the tree to the ground leaving a mottled shadow.Weeds tightly close to the ground, listening to the seasonal cycle of the pulse, but also enjoying the intoxicating fragrance.The insects from the grass family sitting in the courtyard, at this moment fear is already drunk it.Tiny insects to be good, both among this forest shelter, you can rest in this world of scent.Smell the flowers season, a product of long years of age.SJ day because of the sweet, mellow and sweet memories because this is probably the best of life.If possible, I would also like to make a return to the insects, Lin Jie Lu room, their friends.Thus, although there is no wine delicacy, but also live a flower drunk sleep the next day.During the day to feed their families adopt a basket of Huaihua, a house in the evening invited Huai Hong Qingxin.With the fragrance of Sophora japonica make gradually beneath pure heart, then calmly deal with various hardships of life on the road.I thought I would be so exclusive and quiet, but still ringing disrupted my thoughts.And other recovered, I found everything Nankeyimeng.  SJ distant quietly open, fragrant, and locust tree forest in my mind exactly.”Huailin May Yang Viburnum, Yuyu Fen Fang drunk ten thousand.Spring water falling at the blue, fragrant float all the way to the horizon.”This is the ancient poem describing Sophora japonica, Sophora japonica fragrance is unparalleled, this incense has been to the extreme, though many scenarios are memories, but it has made me fascinated for a while.  Living life, there is something for keeping everything.Like my heart dismay Huaihua incense, find a corner to make it home in mind, if missed, let it enjoy the blooming, fragrant to the End of the World.    Part II: See also SJ Hong hometown old house in front of a locust tree, thick branches, lush foliage, is a shady yard shed.  Listen to my grandfather said tree old tree has grown here for a long time, I do not know that person’s ancestors planted, especially because the tree’s thick and lush, coupled with sincere good man my grandfather, so in front of our old house the tree Laohuai tree, became the village people like to gather to chat and resting place.  My hometown is a small village in the Guanzhong Plain, good honest people here.After a day of hard work, they often carrying rough ceramic bowl, holding a bowl of sticky surface, crouched under the tree in front of the old house, eating the chat.All Zhuang Huren are bread and water, but they eat the fragrant and comfortable, I like to smell it and chopped green onion and chili oil with the smell of children.Whenever the sauna net fragrance of acacia trees, old house in front of the old tree branches tree branches Sam will be full of Sophora japonica, white, light, very far away you can smell the waves of flowers.That beckon like wind chimes like a string of children SJ fragrant and tranquil, scrambling to open the swaying, old tree also in this season along with all his tender bloom.  When we were young, always I am looking forward to the acacia trees bloom, because in the fragrance of acacia trees, we will be able to eat Maifan children SJ do with the.We wire bent tick, and then tied it on a bamboo pole, a string of the tree down enough Sophora.Back home, his mother would put children SJ receded small branches and leaves in the water soak, then dig washed, wrapped in fine flour milled on its own in Long Ti steamed, then chopped green onion and spicy egg in a frying pan fried, became fragrant Maifan, and then ingest a mouthful streams overflow thick smell of children.  In Ash fragrance of the season, we can not only find a child to pick Sophora fun, but also enjoy the sweet Maifan, so every year the summer, we will be anxiously looking forward to the mountains and acacia trees flower open.  Ash tree in front of the old house, because flourish, every year a tree full of children SJ, Trinidad Xiangpiao.But Grandpa does not allow us to pick, he said: Yeah baby, that Sophora japonica not eat it, but keep the smell of Azeri let Zancun.So we went to the mountain only to those wild locust tree, but equally fun unabated.  Grew up and left home, living in the edge of the city of steel and concrete, could no longer see the old tree, I could not smell the fragrance of the children SJ.  Sometimes quietly sitting in the window, facing the moon, I often think of those memories when young, lingering thoughts, a deep sense of nostalgia, just like drifting away from the front while falling.  Occasionally upset, I will quietly in the next month, and talk to trees in the wind.Calculation of the old tree rings, the vicissitudes of years, and my rough trip, wandering life.I will think of myself as a go wild, fly back home, alights among children SJ full of old trees, sounded tired and often disappear at this time.Old tree home, be with my life and never stop pursuing faith ~ ~ last night, dream see also fragrant garden trees Sophora japonica.Part III: In May, SJ Hong clean a string of elegant bud butterfly children describe tied gently shallow green hanging on the branches, clusters of sweet flowers face facing the warm wind from, uh, looking forward , looking forward, to, finally arrived, far to beheld a warm red iron door paint door not far from the Huai, the temptation of this blossoming, miss, often exposed shallow smile in a dream.Now so close, Dianqi toes reaching for several flower fragrance down, holding in her hand looked silly smile, while the speaker shouted: “Mother, I’m back.”Mother’s eyes inlaid flowers bloom in crease in temples, outside the hospital all the way from the house to the strange anger to laughter: ‘This girl, listen to this movement would guess pretty close’.When moving the threshold, then the facade double hoop up this morning and was hit by a wild girl clang clang sound.Who came to stopping grandmother, aunt also followed the footsteps of Britain ran out of the small, “Yeah, and the girl came?”” Multi live two days it?” ‘Hey, ah, the’ ‘live one day, gone tomorrow afternoon.”Replied one by one wild girl grinning.”How did not you tell me know, I went to the intersection to pick you up?”Mother asked with concern, ‘pick me up too much trouble, every time you have to wait an hour early, so close, I have to’ wild girl guilty Road.SJ handed the wild girl hands mother with her arm around his mother’s shoulders, holding near the edge of being greeted folks, “Grandma, aunt go wow, do it at the gate, go on, we entered the room.”Nostalgia Nama like the warmth of maternal love, whether in childhood, or when standing still as capital Shuoshuo scorching warm heart, has not changed, but the longer the more mellow.”It Huaihua Yeah, marked with two eggs baked pies baked brown browned double-sided, delicious!Wait a minute multi-hook with iron hook several flower “neighbor aunt said.”Yes, now I love to eat this, before ah, the food is steamed, sprinkled with a little face, add some salt, no food to eat, when early in the Great Famine, which is a good thing mile!”The front door grandmother Gee said, that bright shining far read like a good read to!People do not see the United States and the United States followed a miss by the back.Tomboy rather abruptly to one, where that tree is planted?Few kind of home??Where “Yeah?”” Kind of streets in the mouth of the road, have not seen that old tree ah Boxing?Is immortal into a fine, it can be powerful with a.”” Seen the village of West Malaysia on the road?The line in a row, now you go and see, and what is spectacular, then it bloom that the United States, the sweet!”” Is also a kind of home, you did not see the talk of the town home locust tree?It was Forgan.”” Home Duowang ah!”” Yes, I heard ah, kind of have to pay attention to other people, not seen someone that three, bought other people’s homes to live very long family fortune is fine, he later put Ash hard to cut, this is not , not come down in the?”” Yes, five years to Huai into a fine, can not say just cut on the cut of.”Huoer scrape together in animated conversation said that he come, wild girl holding melon head will be willing heart sank Yin Yang accent in this store nostalgia in this or imaginary or fantasy story of obsession is hometown ten million complex.  Mother with cooking pans, but class, the first pan dozen of white fat Shuijian Bao slander but how many bad neighbors, eyes and mouth.The mother used it to bake the most loved wild girl Huaihua cake, bottom of the pot put a layer of oil, following carefully the bottom of the pot and pretty clear that struck Wo fire, grasp this Huohou is particularly important, perhaps this mother tips heritage with fire from the habit of playing Shuijian Bao over.See oil Wen Ganggang good mother, she began to slowly release paste, along with “friends dth” sound of fits and starts, a blossoming of joy overflow begins with the mother’s face off, about a moment, and then that long, flat shovel and a flat disk on the turn coagulated paste layer junction crispy browned browned all, like the single.There are cooked at the edge of a little good point, glutton wild girl was wedged on a first try, the suspect, so fragrant ah, Shashi mother put pepper seasoning salt and other surfaces of the?”Hey, Mother, this cake is delicious SJ!”” Severe!”Mother gaze for long wild girl face, Lele smile, staring at these vulgar action, you see:” How old are also not positive shape!”Wild girl: Hey, hold the dismissive laugh.”How ah?How much is my wife’s child!”Mother looked at the baby girl, continues to condone go.Every time, come home, do not want to go, not enough to live.Niangqin do really delicious meal with whole grains and drink soup, every time all stays belly ring loudly; Niangqin embrace good warm, sprinkle endless Johnson, there are no big or small as possible release warm.Niangqin good warm bed, pull endless quack, children have to listen to endless reason, pillow around Niangqin, those generous, broad, it is like a Buddha can have a heart like that of the broad.  Those disseminated in Huaihua sweet motherly love, Shen those butterfly-like flowers stuffed in his homeland, the homeland at this time even more so in May to clear clear.Like the original home of the life of the birthmark, so that the girl can not forget when and where, often dreams of thousand turn those more distant the more mellow smell strong taste.    Part Four: Taihang depths of the Great Wall Huaihua incense, with winds from the east to the west sea front row, this mountain dragon by the trend, over the mountains, across the gully, driving clouds and rain, majestic take-off on the land of China.Countless forts, like a dragon’s scales flashing, countless watchtowers, like a dragon Juzhua in grip, while imposing pass, looked on as a leader in the small mountain information.Dragon exit, continue west to Taihangshan after Tanmo pulse, leaving a pass Zhengedaidan – zijingguan.  That China’s Taihang Mountains in north-central uplift, overlooking the northern desert grasslands, rolling male as the Central Plains of the Yellow River, is indeed the backbone of China.Zijingguan on hidden deep in the Taihang Mountains in the north.In the folds of the mountains, the countless small villages sprinkled all over, even when driving on the road, come to the stage near the village could not see shadow.Zuozuo small village, as set in the wall of the mountain, like mason deliberately carved out of bonsai.That often smoke rising, sometimes white, sometimes a pale blue, while straight, while curved, which prompted the smoke hanging in half-day farm started a new day.  This small village, do not know his name, just remember around the village covered with large and small acacia trees, the village, the fields, the mountains, everywhere.Go, we are catching up with flowering tree.Flowers along the open window squeezed in, but also began to see the flowers smell the smell of children, the smell will gradually numb.That whirring into clusters of children SJ, that glistening green leaves, white flowers that over the mountain, giving the visual is a white.White little guilty, white, elegant lofty, dazzling white, like we had a Serissa.Addiction to get you to stop and get off, had to enjoy this great natural masterpiece.  Like into a fairyland, it is wandering around in the flowers, full of flying bees, bees buzzing wings children resounded through the ear end, bee children in front of shaking, hitting cheek bee child, I had to stoop to play forward arm.On Huaihua that white flowers, bee cheerful child crawling around, stepping on their dance, dancing nectar dance.Yellow bee, there are some slightly larger individual Black bee, wasp slender body there was also dancing in the meantime.Not by name, black bug, dense rolling, rolling up and down the taking part, had narrowed his eyes, to avoid the uninvited guest.Wrong, people entered the territory of the natural spirit is the uninvited guest.  In the Woodside area of relative slightly larger place, piled and strewn with dozens of beehives, bee thousands gathered here, buzzing voices, which made us get out.Do not go far, there have been surprising thing, at the end of the woods there is a puddle of clear water, see clearly, rolling up the bottom of the water, thrown fine soft sand, it was a small opening spring.He looks a thirty-year-old woman is the water wash rice, tight-fitting T-shirt, and sketched out the body’s curves, loose trousers, enjoying the cool forest, head scarf, dress up like women southern area.One in the tent behind her, visible liquefied gas jug, cooking utensils and condiment bottles, as well as the open mouth of rice pocket.Could not resist to strike up a few words, and she guessed right, they are coming from the south, Sophora japonica annual open season timed to come here, look for fragrant honey.High honey production here, good quality, from the hostess could see some tired face, beekeepers marched camped really not easy.  Climb steep slopes, look in white Huaihua world, that time is now hidden when looking at the small village, really is paradise.As with creeping jungle road in the mountains in the table, to find out of sight, visible car in the clouds snail line, flash, he was drowned green.Anyway, this road is closed this small village with the outside world even up.A quiet Yeah, go down the road, the sun through dense acacia trees leafless and Huaihua scattered on the ground, crushing some messy, there are several flower yellow Sophora japonica falling down and landed on the steep slope and rolled over children He ran along the hillside, and instantly disappeared.  I do not know what the place is called, just know Ash here much, Huaihua incense, here is the foot of the Taihang Mountains Zijingguan.People say think of a story that is moved out from Emigration from home out of the tree species planted after landing next to their new homes, they are thinking and remembered his hometown.Yes, there is not too far from Hongtong, Shanxi, looking at antique twisted branches Laohuai, small hills are covered with acacia trees, can not help but suspect that this is a manifestation of the feelings of homesickness ancestors of modern relay it overture.Farewell, SJ fragrance places, greets you, a small village deep in the Taihang Mountains.