Part One: helplessness is one of the best selection of human suffering is the reason why he chose the wrong things, in the face of the failure of his choices have no choice but to give up.Give up does not mean a bad thing, and perhaps make yourself get some experience.There are too many disappointments in this society, but also has a lot of breath a sigh, because they only choose to give up in the face of frustration.Great writer Lu Xun had studied in Japan, he chose medicine, but in the occasion of national crisis, he still gave up the practice of life-saving way, he picked up a pen-like weapon Flanagan himself, to awaken the sleeping Chinese people.Frustration in life is our inseparable brothers, before it’s everyone against it with a sigh tone.Whether we in the face of love, career, there are aspects of personal behavior, there will be bumps in time, we can not have that in their journey of life is smooth sailing.To find their own answers helpless, looking for his own sanity helpless, to be brave to accept his defeat helpless.Select frustration is not shameful, shameful is that you can not be afraid to choose.  Perhaps in his own difficult times, we need a little bit of help, but when you leave the group, independent to face the problem, the problem of their own, difficult to accomplish, then your own that will make a decision?The first is helpless sigh feel very helpless in the face of this problem that is difficult and helpless, probably think of giving up, because they just lost it from the heart.But when he fails, they’ll lose dejected strong courage, which looked at both ridiculed eye, really looking for a hole to dig into, but unfortunately at this time has no choice, only the brave to accept, because it was the best place for their own failure.Slowly own failure to think in their own slowly to experience in the selection, helpless himself slowly to sharpen.After today’s cloudy past, tomorrow is still the same brilliant sunlight.  Everyone will have a dream of their own, they are also to dream in his mind and desperate to work.But when worked so hard and really realize that dream in my mind it?This question had in his heart, he has always been a dream of both lucky and fortunate that he had been immersed in this dream a long long time.When you see those big movie star, playing the wicked Mandizhaoya, he himself also suddenly had the idea of practice, always wanted to one day excel matchless magic, but also when those being bullied a weak back heroes save.But want to do it, it’s very simple really hard, always to why things are true, but in their own day early in the morning, learn on TV those practitioners practice.But the day back pain, you want to achieve your goals going effort, always thought he was such a great progress after a day of practice, but when you really face the strong bullying the weak, but still can not do justice to the weak , is this your dream you?When their slowly growing up, I began to slowly understand the social changes already.Those so-called heroes of the movie, but it is the author’s fiction, I had this dream shattered, but unfortunately can only choose their own deal with the real social.After all, it was just a fantasy martial arts world only, but also with some friends making fun of me in the face when he made fun of, but I did not bow to their dreams reality slowly efforts.When the star is everyone’s desire heart, want to have their own efforts, so that the whole Chinese audiences know themselves, but pay no matter how much effort is a sieve, want to be a big star is not an easy thing.Helpless also chose to give up, give up after feeling is so easy, never mind the pressure, though hard not to feel some frustration with some regret, but this choice made him a lot easier.  In a society where the voices of those who wanted to take out a layer no group, when toward the end of their love, they face a lot of frustration, but when they face the pain of frustration, but the courage to choose.Go there himself deep into a bottomless abyss, sometimes they will go to laugh at them, but when their own to face, and really appreciate the kind of taste.Voices lovelorn is so grieved to hear that song after another song about lost love, lovelorn just immersed in the world of song, quietly appreciate the TV drama lonely atmosphere.But even how painful hearts, they still have to face all they are facing, there is no way you can be your own best friend whereabouts to complain, telling share of frustration share the pain of his mind, but it is still going to last select this helpless.In my journey of love, it can be described as bruised, when she was in my heart that, in their own eyes, the kind of love that moment in my mind.But there are unexpected storms, slowly stuck in his later, only to find deception lies, is so scarred.But even though there is a little bit of hope, the general feeling is that the flame of love, the long wait for return is endless pain.How many times remind himself to give up, but this decision is so painful, how many friends I could not bear to torture myself, they earnestly want me to give up, but the matter was in order and their enemies, but no matter how you pay , the result is always the relentless wait.In the ruthless, I felt a sense of helplessness, they should feel helpless to make a choice, but that choice is so painful, but there is no way to slowly try this option.Gradually own courage finally made a choice to give up, really feel after a week, although such a choice is helpless, but for a long time have not tried the bright blue sky, and after giving up the feeling of the sun brighter, the air more fresh, and that feeling for a long time did not come to understand that kind of pain vanished the moment the hearts of grievances.  Helpless is also a best choice, the key is to overcome the difficulties, courage to accept defeat, courage to choose not the result of frustration.Helpless is a drama that will be watching the film, no matter the ending is perfect it will eventually have to choose to end.    Part Two: we are helpless we are an advanced creatures, we have a wise mind.  We are a complex contradiction, we live in a world of frustration.  We are 90.  We live in this pit father of the society, it is the fight father’s era.  We are helpless.  We hope the older generation, it is the home of Bao Jiao, but we all do what?In this materialistic society, we do not know how to face and adapt, we do not know where our future, we are still ignorant of.Nightlife net often said that you have to be properly read, but the reality is that we are helpless.We are ignorant, do not know the treasure, but the social status quo and let us despair.Read more books, and then take the high diploma, with a peak of more youth climbing Xuehai, and finally had to face the frustration of society.Reading will not put a label illiterate.  In the small community of students, there are many problems.The first is the fight father, see what others have, and he must have, but we have not thought about his father and the others can not father than.Then we learned vanity, we are afraid of being seen themselves as the ugly scars, the next session of the students are like this, intensified.  In the rapid development of today, we show incompetent, lazy, but we really helpless.  Seen too many tragedies, regardless of any tragic events, are a reflection of a helpless, we lose a lot of valuable things.  As soon grew after a 90, the face of this reality could not be more real society, we are helpless.In fact, this world is good, but we live too frustrating.    Part Three: In addition to you, your choice I reluctantly night, still pale and weak, sad wanton spread the magic emanation of ammonia night, shallow sound between the whisper, the cycle of the earth, you are enveloped in this lonely dejected night, night is stored, the memory for a long packets.  Long night with the raging emotions.I’m not sad, but always can not help but sad, so slowly learned to hide.Because not want to be hurt again, so gradually learned to disguise.I thought you see through my brave, care about my sorrow.Then, maybe, I exist outside of you.Because because it has been so.Since it has become since, why say why.Heart Lake invasion despite bursts of cold, could not help but make a chill..Jealousy envy hate, lonely emptiness cold, pick up a pen to write sad, melancholy Ying put pen to paper.For in the final end, I never got used to the habit of habits.  I thought about leaving.Maybe leave it no longer possible to come back; maybe you come back no longer rely on me; perhaps dependent, it is the greatest harm to myself; maybe hurt, will finally let me let go; perhaps his mind, it is destined I’m going to leave.Perhaps leave, to let you know I exist.Although I exist outside of you, and then I have become accustomed to your presence.I want to use a scent of ink, write your handsome face, although accompanied by candle shadow, even solitary dreams go hand in hand.I want you to know I exist, it is to love.Perhaps you simply did not remember, did not think those thoughts flooding into Hong day, indifferent mood, because you appear, even crying, too, such as pear rain.I know, met in the deepest Red, You are my life the most persistent waiting.I also know that the fate of the ups and downs, never by people in control.Love, the promise is our past life amendment to the fate, a gazing eyes, they pull each other edge, even if removed wandering, even suffered a lot, even if you’re not sure of my existence, and would not give up.  I was dressed in dust all the way, walk in this world passer, carefully laying a Su Jian, dipped a pen and ink smell, drip full of blank piece of paper, then, but in the croon, a paper and ink incense , how to make complaints through the ages Rouchang?Liuniansishui short life.Time of butterflies lightly over, and prints drawn in our hearts, but with the passage of time gradually clear clarity, continued to enlarge, repeated, and that life is the most precious thing we have had.  Say, happiness and love has nothing to do, but can not exist Without it.  So, perhaps happiness is not related with love, then love will return to vigorous dull, because life has always been dull, it is impossible every day is so wonderful, that we are not happy because we think too much, people must learn mutual understanding tolerance, life is too out, can do to each other, then we have a simple happiness, but I think we should be happy that it simply beautiful.  Out the window, the dim lights lit lonely, that faint yellow warp.Increasingly clear drops of water on the windows, but I can not see their own image, bit by bit, Cecil strands, and swayed about is you.Your smiles, a breath, so kind, so warm, yet so far away.  Word in the country, winter orchid, you are my build Yun fingertips warm, my heart is also irreplaceable disputes with Qianpan, in my soul feather in dormant for many years.Around Song of the day and night in the drip sing, with great concentration splashed stained sections and handle walk through the familiar and consonance, every drive is so unforgettable.Even if separated by thousands of landscape, still can see that touch of shine to warm smile, stained Su Jin years when the white Qiang Hongwei.The fate of spring, love lock exuberant, no bias breakdown soft speech pen to each other, never blowing over the life of those desolate background.Even if you do not mind my presence.  I still have a little pull, a little bad, old days, I no longer exist; even kite wind, dolphins have the sea, but I exist outside of you.Less than give up those memories, to reawaken my heart somewhere, Shengtengshengteng.With scattered debris accumulation, thin cool brick wall wall text also airtight, you could not come, I can not get out.Then, off the space authority, to your best smile, since then, bit of life and joy, anger, joys and sorrows, only for themselves, slowly to taste.  I just hope you can be sure of my existence, and nothing more.    Part Four: frustration has been one-third of life, left me mostly helpless.  — Inscription I am a very ordinary after ninety girl, who lives in the countryside not far from the city, living in a family of six, have a chance to finish primary school in the village into the city, did not complete a high school drop out , and also because I now drop out of school just to catch up with the job.I should be glad it?I do not know, maybe I should be content with it.  A large and happy family, this is my life the only perfect.Two sisters, a brother, no vulgar patriarchal.As a child, by my father to live in the city dry mud earned hard-earned money to make ends meet, living in a dark cave, not warm in winter and cool in summer.After several years of efforts, and constructing a few dozen square meters of cottage, also planted fruit trees, getting only the improvement of living.Although hard, very happy, contented that I.  In the village primary school, grades can also be the beginning, and later because of winning, but without parental praise it gradually fell behind.Time is still small, simple idea, then do not feel how important is winning, it do not work hard, how stupid.The final score is not high, junior high school, into the city.The first two days to gradually have vanity, you want nice clothes US United States hairstyle.Just enough food and clothing for the family a little more difficult, in the end only inconclusively.  High School worse, have not received even notice.Look forward to a summer vacation but have not received a copy, it makes me popular hit.Later in the county on a technical school, had only to high school diploma, but did not make good reading, start unbridled love stories, this time on the high school dropout.I was very happy that finally freed.My only regret: no talk about a love in school.  Just drop out of school less than a month’s time, with my sister got a job, refueling at the gas station in a big point.Not like the beginning, because disgraceful.Protest with their parents does not work, so day by day to get through the.Up to now have done for several years, still do not like the job, I also have the courage to choose the life you want timid.After such a character is not like the others ninety.  Has now also do the job, all my childhood all the others scheduled for me, I just follow them paved road, it has been quietly walked, with growth.  Mr. Mao said: “The revolution is not successful, comrades still work.”.  Not for others, but also for their own struggle, fight for the life you want to live a.    Part Five: When this sad Yan, cover dash of helplessness, confusion between the cover Half Looking back, touched off the dust, page after page turn the page of time, I remember chasing love, sadness and relieved behind the cool, silent nights at this, confused eyes but stay in the winter cold, the water is still a long thin stream, to see the changes of scenery, Bi Xiao Qing Wang clouds, lonely hearts War, dressed in hideous.  Unless red residue, time is fleeting sent Habitat, through the time I was in the dust, the wings overlooking the horizon, the landscape of long, sparse desert Chiaki year for old things along the water, say everything is determined by the day, no points from sincere, wake up and broken dreams in that moment, this world, as if everything is changing, some people left, some people came, friends, many, but not much is intimate, this world, a lot of vague, many of Fragment twists and turns, has been hovering between choice, circled between fate, not self-open solution, a thousand mountains outside the cloud, only to find people alive so tired.  Standing on the highest point, all the burden troubled cover hand tangled, Chihiro dream around, only willing to make a frozen seed, crossed reborn, crossed the dust, went to a dead end, come rain solitary wind, the mighty fall, where should I look for?  Close the paper, ten thousand times sad, carrying the BES reincarnation, I found you in this life, staggering gait, old people under the ring, once you never forget themselves, hiding the worth of mind, but there is no chance to tell you, and he would remember a section is so beautiful inscriptions, and he would remember that night you took my hand, the seasoned old age, however, the vast Cang dust made me hopeless, I was so tired difficult, faltering tears fall among those on our segment, you can remember?  Why not come true Why torment oath watchman sad how many people why laughter is always good mercilessly fallen flowers of life, again and again flood the mind, again and again feel dejected, but not your comfort, you can not wait to go warm, life is a a dream, and if a dream, and I was willing to sleep in a dream, and not wake up, sitting on the earth, to endure the biting cold wind, I just want into a stream of smoke, wrapped around you , ups and downs, cold, just want to keep up with you, you just want to forever abandon, through its most shrill thin, so I no longer anxious, can you?  Wind still remains the same, still as ever the years, I remember once as I wrote ink drops, there is a character, pick up a pen are lonely, there is a woman in prostitution is sad, yet so far away, I will never forget.Had been so touched by that, diving in the lonely country, but never has a happy, poke the hearts of stagnation, but it can not forget the earthly joys and sorrows, home life, where to stay, where to find?  Still listening to sad music, still looking at the old man, the sun is still, past legend, years before, several times the Spring and Autumn, we are far apart, love-hate Melancholy several fold, people tired Shouma horizon.This life, destined to hold shadow ask month, destined to make barren disaster, good heart quiet, quiet only to hear his heart beat, a strong desire haunting, I miss the pleasure of seeing you, I miss you can stay with me finish this life.  Whom sad, but you do not know, but unfortunately fate, in case you should not be wrong, so I knew the Red heartbreaker, a person would be better to clear quietly, standing overlooking the other side, no one to accompany me bloom again, no to accompany me to see the sunset at dusk, a string of yellowed memories, a tragically obsessed Acacia, restrain flowery face, time with the water, the moon is still cold, leaving the infinite, we are constantly looking distant gray.  So day after day, so in a year and wanted to return to the original happy time so long, but the years are so cool, I drop the word in a world without people’s pain into mourning, I have such a dedicated, but feeling the pull of the intestine Cunduan, although people hurt, but I endured, holding memories, hiding in dark corners, Restricting.  Setting sun fall, the roots of the old, disabled, clear days of the end of the horizon, I am full of sad memories, no blur in pairs, a worry is it the fault of you, the dream is broken, I’m tired, pick up a pen to write the sentence, but it is sad his home, so quiet life of it, so it indifferent life, the flowers, the setting sun also fell, I lost myself.  Outdoor, grass, sunny, but also dark, you can not find, can not find me, downstairs sunset, silhouette Han Dan, I just want to find a happy point, do not pray too much, so a little bit, dream thousand turn back, just reborn again, the reality, and the king did not spend the night all night, all day long to wait, do not you feel bad you?  Has addictive sad, like a touch of life is never forgotten you, like, turn the page number or page after page, I was submerged in the flood sadness, dim room, feeling the bursts of hidden pain, Gu Ying with me, Red too hard, bleak melancholy wasted, looked up dust, pillow raw cold, autumn leaves dancing, all the way Allure Rouchang, hang some wasted asked tired, pedestrians hurry, I stood on this earth, are like the sky, the rain kept isolated, quiet misty eye, mesmerizing, condensed into a silhouette, so I chose to bear in mind, never far from me, and I have profound feelings remain in a miss, stay in full of tenderness, tomorrow the sun will be bright yet?  Sparse, love indefinitely a cold-blooded Allure down, I suddenly felt so weak, on the square inch, to see the Red Yuyan, I hate leaving only empty, but a better brief moment, life cycle and so can not turn back Looking back gazing, years of wind, croon, the passing of the years, from the War around the mean, helpless, and ultimately helpless drunk, drunk Acacia, drunk share of dedication.  Soul began to go away, full of melancholy hydrogel cold, sun and haggard Full of Su Jian, write a lifetime of loneliness, not off crazy cotton, Magnificence wash, every word into mourning, both good and difficult to break, ask the world what love is and had to look back, seemingly no trace of water, scattered quietly waiting to see no trace of water, listening to Whispering silent, once people every career in the days of sea Point, just like a stranger.  Memories, full of broken, how can you not call me sad?Cheng pulls cold look wandering fly, look at Mo, Qianshan outside, a cold wind shear dance endlessly, cover to do downtown, people far horizon, a tree frosted Fun fall horizon, let me glamorous and ruthless, lonely thousands of lines of tears, imagine for you to come back full of vicissitudes Mo despair, keep a wind autumn, the phrase soul sigh, Fangfei blown, say good life stubbornly persists, accompanied hand in hand, do not say goodbye, take care of the king since when, how forever oath phase forget?  Once said, I’m your favorite person in this life, I never get tired of your landscape, smoke and mirrors, moon in water, pay affectionate being paid, I’ve been waiting to write Sansei stone, waiting for a change of place old vows, waiting for the flowers and the king and the same month a dream, and now is so hurried, but I do not know and who were?  It back again?I can come back?I can not pray, do not expect, cool rain cold, lonely into the wound, my old life, who refers to the years but is a quicksand, alone in enjoying the ice fall, tasting sad pity hibernation, the layer after layer the parcel alone, with no bright spring return, from my world alone, in addition to the vicissitudes of life is barren, a man meditation Red, point ink into mourning.  None of flowers, life is like a play, a trace of Weimang, the old king is willing, hate dash of wind passed away, and now the flowers, not this a go, light flowers, just off the perfect attitude cemented cream, drooping leaves, overlooking the memories frustration, sadness mottled, old Yiyi cold, and rather sad, halo years, vague as smoke, love, and inscribed, as well as touched it?I picked up fine, Fragment residual sentence torment, fixed in the relieved look into the distance, never forget.  Sings, relieved seasons sad, isolated goose down, only the weak as smoke and dust, but also whether the miss?Blank, scattered, in the late autumn days of August, will be buried, no one can say, nowhere to go, LEISURE, cleared off the street, and finally into a shortage, not the event as scheduled, can not stay, always so quiet, when this sad Yan, cover dash of frustration, cover Half a confused, hurt the heart, intestines broken, lonely walk away, recalled yesterday dream, Sang Sang Mo, an upsurge of surging again and again, again and again sadly lonely, wind residual rain, laughing look Flower, Suiyueruge.  When this sad Yan, cover dash of helplessness, confusion cover Half.    Part VI: helpless lives alone, like no soul, aimlessly walking in the familiar cities.Look at those coming and going passersby, but their hearts can not find a trace of warmth.Maybe life is a burden too heavy, perhaps too much pressure of work, perhaps also helpless in the face of this community.  Look at those extravagant people, it reminds me of home to make a living father, children, get up early in the morning, work hard every day to travel back and forth on that country road, just to earn five dollars a person’s car, think about that for a few dollars , regardless of wind or rain or the heat of the day following exposure, or that is in the bitter winter, in order to live he had to go, no matter how dangerous the road, no matter how hard to pull the guests, and then a big storm, for children he had no choice.For some time past, there have been looking at the dark-haired little bit of silver, his face has played a dash of wrinkles, the hand is so boring and black bend.  Mother, mother’s work is whether the weather changes every day, regardless of the body, good or bad, from morning to evening, and that a few acres of land deal; whenever fair, long ago went to the fields picking vegetables in season points, drove the market for point leading a poor money gone to lunch time, you can charge a few money to buy some bread to eat, you can think of to earn that money is not easy to endure hunger on the way to boil.The “boil”, on pain of living in the center of it again and again boil, boil, boil..Youth went to the boil, proudly the white-haired, numerous injuries, even if that is so, they still endure sufferings of life, silently doing boil..  Bitter and tired of life, only you have gone through experience, drifting for a few years, the pace is still walking the street.This road is very difficult, very painful, too many bitter tired, sad, can only stay in the memories inside!Everyone has their own dreams, dreams of success, dreams of self – fulfilling prophecy, are unwilling to mediocrity and mediocrity, not far behind, are looking forward to a better tomorrow.I also want to take actions to cast their dreams, but can not find the path leading to the dream.I want to use their own efforts to prove value, but always helpless and go.No choice but to stick with it all can not be changed.In the mind of frustration, physical and mental fatigue, when, according to pretend very strong, appeared very calm.In fact, these are not really what I would like the thought of all kinds of life, the very heart of grief, tears still flowed glide cheeks, falling dust.In this cruel world, indifferent crowd, looking at the street dancing butterflies, I can imagine dancing with butterflies, gone from this hypocritical society and drift; Whenever this time, the parents of the total figure comes to mind , it was so helpless again and again to stay in this intrigues, the cruel reality of the world.    Part Seven: helpless crying late at night and again into the free space of strangers, enjoying impressive, but can not log my heart, a feeling of pessimism, this leisure people doing silly things in total , boring people always when writing an article sad narcissism compile a log, and instantly, such as voice cried over the entire network, Enron’s sleep in the space of sad people, each log has changed his the same vocabulary, an Acacia a Xianchou, like scars, like rain lingering, like tears heart was shattered, what sadness, loss, miss you.I have been a smile, and I had walked into a friend obsessed world, looking back, drink milk, may not be good, eat grass if necessary, we stop there is a landscape tree away to worry about he must not know that the man often walked into your dream is to him that we love everyone must learn to silence his treasured in my heart, without the need to use language to express, do not say you love him, he sent a love silk tofu makes you root hanged himself, there is no need to express who he was away from you, so the heart would be so sad tears, why bother?Two people are spiritual emptiness in the corner of a network of acquaintances hard to believe each other, have not understood before, you’ll pick up the drunken state of mind and he went to collect documents valid for life, even if you reached the end, only you have experienced the power of interpretation after the stormy sad, you have a say.Networks you, me, him themselves and their love, the sky will not rainy, it will not thunder.  Society is a collection of self-cultivation, quietly think about him, waiting for him to go quietly and gently to click on your lights, he has not, and makes him a dynamic space to taste.Enron with a heart to protect the hearts of holy territory, both beautiful and lovely, pure love of his will, let him do your inner friend, really put his fixed between lovers and friends, you will not will be trouble, you will not go to touch sad, you would not say ‘you’re sick, and very ill’ nobody will wipe away the tears for you, no one will for you to heal over the world.  So learned not to squander time and emotion, in which many water scenery, such as days of the night, the air flowing in from time to time with the subtle fragrance, meaning everywhere, looked up to see the sky is blue, the wind is love, and promise a large sun is infinitely good, why in the world to love putting the word interference you tearful, full of sad?You crying, emotional love you, pack their bags, put away once helpless, ‘lost’ all sick with laughter to log burned, ‘go’ stepping on the sun, carrying happy.’Go’ next to the inn to get back on his face you.  A situation, a song, a wave, two lines of tears, a sad, three boring, do not let me feel your frustration I’m so bored, too lacking in cultural connotation of the log, please do not let it fly over the sky, so as not to fool the world helping you cry.Helpless, helpless, helpless very.    Part VIII: love, sometimes very helpless inscription: love, sometimes very helpless, and sometimes we can not control their feelings, each other’s ideas, let love in their own rational thinking, it becomes confused, distant and difficult rational explanation!You also know when to add a click and boring, like many users know, greeting each other and greetings, all with courtesy, temptation, doubt, vigilance in the topic does not pull the black mental alert at all times and watch your network name — off Ye Siqiu.Falling leaves fall, autumn exhausted, confused, desolate, vast sky as if in the eyes.Very poetic screen name, certainly implies your mood, work or live in a certain incorporation of anxiety, confusion or commotion.Cracked screen name, and then tap the content, you once again admitted his unhappy marriage, love, Qinan, why the solution, not back, but forward difficult, difficult!  You’re a good man, your wife is a good person, a good person who you are in your despite, he also sought a comfortable life partner, you forget to realize their own people, and when people did not think the remedy feeling that you suppress their own, want to pick up this hard-won marriage, persistence, patience later, is tired and inner thoughts of distress.You are a rational-minded people, you want to extend the time he quietly pulled out of his mind, I am afraid this will be the idea of self-deception.Woman for love, for your devoted emotional and physical, he is hard to erase in your heart and mighty of!Only two options: give up or persist!  In that last talk, you also exchange, want a stable period, and then gradually give up.Such a decision, in fact, has announced the failure of the marriage, since it is a matter of cracking, better sooner rather than later.Give him a chance, let him go to his big love Eden Go!Perhaps your tolerance and generosity, let him have a conscience of induction.Woman, a woman of fragile, women also have strong woman.No time to retreat, or bare your strong, and tell him: “I, can do it!”For a woman, he must love what he loves: his colleagues, friends, parents, sisters, and even his children, if you tolerant, caring, adding to his parents, his friends and colleagues as the pro-Zhi Peng, courteous to his sister, his children out of love as yourself, to love yourself more than to care for him, who took him from your side.Even if he Yelang passionate, how can he be willing to such a gentle, nice, generous lover, how could his family and friends for an indecent act and his laissez-faire attitude, you are a teacher of justice, how dare he?  I believe that cause and effect, everything has a cause and effect cycle.Perhaps you should look at themselves, adjust their attitude, this can not be reversed in the siege, do yourself, let no regrets later in life!    Chapter Nine: those tiny, helpless those from birds learn to fly, they cling to the sky, is attachment, hard to let go.  When, to make their own efforts to fly higher, so that their narrow the distance of the sky, like flying in the arms of the sky, the feeling is indescribable happiness, hear the wind caresses, whisper clouds as if they are part of the sky, fuchsia that is the most important part of.  It always looked at the sky volatile, dark or light, so it tweet, sings songs, make the sky know, there it is, at all times accompanied by regrets, it wants to know the sky, there it is, so the sky is always are not alone, however, this may only birds fantasy, light but persistent and not give up.  So, it is hard to fly, fly desperately.  To take my mind away from the embrace of the sky, or to dilute their own meager and shallow dreams, adamant that they only live for the sky, because goals and dreams, every little will become sublime.  However, the sky does not understand its mind, it, longing for the blue and deep sea, even though thousands of miles apart from each other, it is still willing to indulge in the sea deep, listen to the tsunami call and switch to Wando, singing from the end of heaven, melody and sweet , but can not speak sorrowful lingering.  Sky, deep in the sea of desire and obsession, forgotten weak and stubborn birds, and birds but silly chase, it’s pay, the sky seems minimal, perhaps, more of this do not care sky.  In this way, the chase in disdain, the wandering and loss.  Time, the unsuspecting, the rush dies.  Waiting for birds, is do our life, it is no longer flapping wings to fly straight, Zhang Ping, unable to maintain their own posture.  But forget it, it has never been able to flush days, no matter how much effort it, the reality is always cruel, sky and sea can spend lengthy century, and how short a time it.  then.  It finally can not hold his body, helpless and give up after staring into the sky, vertical drop, and then, bloody enchanting.  Birds, is so small, it’s love micro lack of pity, reveal deep frustration.  Those tiny, helpless those.    Part Ten: a resigned sigh child exam yesterday noon meal together with their children, the children see a lot of pressure (because the last time the exam does not test well), and with me, Mom, in fact, learn good and worry, not learning good and worry.Learn to fear back in school ranking, the ranking is not afraid to learn bad premise.A few simple words and understand the inner world of children is facing tremendous pressure, I say comfort, well on the exam does not matter, now more than it, there are a lot of time to work on another year away from the entrance Moreover, should also be fully mental preparation, even if the college entrance exam is not good, but also have the capacity.Examination impermanence, would have thought that a strong entry Fanuc, perhaps that time is not necessarily managed to get over.So do not put all our eggs in one basket installed (usually because children sometimes side branches), the risk of dispersion exam, you have to know what piece Rain clouds!  Children hear a resigned sigh, he does not see self-confident eyes, my heart aches.Yes, in China’s exam-oriented education and the education system, mighty force in single, victor, is basically a test for life.Although the “All roads lead to Rome”, but admitted to an ideal university students every relentless pursuit and ultimate goal.Bided study hard every night, just to pass the examination, stepped into the door of higher learning.Of course, society also called for reducing the burden to the students, not to study for the exam, is to improve the skills and learning, change from passive learning to active learning for children to create a harmonious learning environment, so that their physical and mental health.But the reality or reality, in this highly competitive environment (Ebb Tide, fall behind), who are willing to admit defeat it, only Cemayangbian, catch up and win triumph on the battlefield entrance!  Watching the children dawn to walk in the cold, dark road to school, daytime and go home, in school time each day for up to fifteen hours, not willing to come back to sleep, but also to review homework, daily sleep less than six hour.Out two meals, not to mention nutrition, and the degree of their health are difficult to guarantee, really for the children’s health concerns ah!They are in the body a long time, so the body overdraft, to withstand the enormous academic pressure, the weight of all of them out of breath.Look in the eyes, pain in my heart.I often say to kids, do not get too attached result, only concerned about the process, as long as we work hard there will be no regrets, it does not matter where admitted.Have a certain tolerance, to actively face, to adjust their.  But after all is said, that the child will have to face his face.I really hope that one day a child can be free to learn, not learning as pressure, entertaining, leaving them should be a carefree childhood, adolescence, youth.