Part one: warm words “riding word, I blind”.This is my illiterate mother of my earliest enlightenment, so that my young mind in writing the first time had a deep reverence.  My parents were humble farmers, pearls not know a word, he suffered the bitterness and embarrassment can not read, made up my mind to let their children become literate people.In those difficult years, parents vapid life, blood, sweat effort, finally make their children went into the school, also the lowest finish primary school graduate, has created a confessed the fact that six high school students, and therefore father the radius of a few years to become a celebrity.  Before the annual Spring Festival, the mother always got to find ways to newspapers, the fireworks were smoked black mud walls of a new wall paper, and then paste the twelve paintings, the poor huts have brand new feeling, with years of flavor.If because of his father’s careless or inattentive, was subsidizing a newspaper, his mother certainly would not be pleased to be father again posted positive job, those who have the word book of paper or newspaper, the mother is definitely not allowed to trample.Because by his mother’s Ruran, the text in my mind and let me in awe as the gods.  I went in first grade, a stroke text me daunting, a little pencil in his hand if re-jin, despite how efforts to write a bad sum of straight horizontal, also write well a short vertical.Harsh language teacher with a pointer (finger thick bamboo) mercilessly pumping my hand, I will “wow” to cry, the teacher with his trick uniform I – I live on the chin with a small bamboo sticks branch, let me dry mouth open howl.Since then not due punishment howling, but also from more awe text.I was just afraid of the teacher, and my heart there is no trace of resentment.Now meet on the street teacher that I have more than seventy-year-old, is hearts overflowing gratitude and thanksgiving, all the way to stand at attention, like a primary school student greet “good teacher”!Because he is a tough old that makes me like later on in the text, and text together more than thirty years is still a crush.  To the fourth grade, the annual Spring Festival, my family will no longer have to squeeze the village unique calligraphy of Yao on the old man home to write a couplet, but I started by graffiti.To be honest, fourth-grade students of an elementary school calligraphy is really very ugly, but the courage to write but is a reason to let others praise, first of all I was sure my parents, relatives whenever there on the door and asked couplet who wrote, beaming parents would say: “I am the middle child wrote, he was in fourth grade!”If the appreciation of a few relatives, parents will be more joy, hospitality to relatives boil tea, cooking, try to be some kind of hospitality.I went to junior high school, the village of scrolls and letters were written by me.The annual twelfth lunar month 29 and New Year’s Eve, I have to stay at home for two days to write couplets, paper and some neighbors, but had lost my family posted paper.Both on the case, the parents who came to write couplets neighbors not only greeted and answered the wait, folks in the sound of praise, parents wrinkled face, they bloom into two bright smile.To serve in the forces, and exchange of letters home to work outside the village, by me to write, for up to fifteen years.I give folks who serve in words, words gave me a very good reputation, praise the whole village became a scholar, and therefore I created a sense of accomplishment, to make me more love and attachment to the text.  After the entrance exam, and the company of black earth day, more than heavy labor, the warmth of my lonely soul text, distraction is the text of my chest depressed.Later, engaged in educational work, day and text companionship, understanding of the text and a deeper layer, since it began with words catharsis sorrows and joys of the mind, expressed in words Thanksgiving in mind, to express in words the mother earth love.With the release of some of their own works, as the reader gradually recognized for my work, I obsessed on the text more and more deeply, in addition to daily lesson plans will be written over, he wrote the minds of some as much as possible sentiment, heart dirge.Just like those words, in my eyes more and more beautiful, more full of vitality, in addition to her outside may become chic and elegant calligraphy work of art, a more accurate expression of the truth in mind, I think this is the alphabetic writing is far from the reach of.  Text joy in my heart, so I take off a lot of text presumptuous idea, and therefore much less trouble; text me lonely, quietly with me, comfort my solitude; I’m excited if text when mad, like critical friends, alert bar to drink, so I came to their senses.All in all, the word is common as grass I take off the humble, but also the extraordinary character I no longer vulgar, while others struggled for fame or fortune, intrigue, unscrupulous, you’d rather die, I can stop and read a this your favorite book, write a few lines like text, the text is a real achievement for me!  In the impetuous crash today, there are text can be warm, how lucky ah!I deeply love this text, the word love, this life, never give up.     Part II: warm Scottish mother died in the earthquake, his father next spring to find a young woman to fall his little brother was born Scottish trouble in a conflict and stepmother moved to live in the factory Scotland became the office of the dormitory, room and board every day in the office Yuejuan his father was the city cadres, mother died early, the organization gave her father to find a young woman female cadres monthly Scotland is my high school classmate, junior high school graduation I got off the village, he was taken care of on the factory squad because of his beautiful handwriting, painting draw well, the plant leadership put him to the art group of trade unions, therefore, he became a professional the art workers Scottish mother died in the earthquake, his father next spring to find a young woman to fall his little brother was born Scottish trouble in a conflict and stepmother moved to live in the factory Scotland became the office of the dormitory, room and board every day in the office Yuejuan his father was the city cadres, mother died early, the organization gave her father to find a young female cadres and the woman is larger than five Yuejuan year old After Juan High School after graduating from the countryside, she is in the countryside thousand years she put the good old days of youth are dedicated to the vast fields, she also figure in the overprint Qingsha Zhang sauna net return to the city, people from her body city people no longer see a little shadow, she became a completely out-spend older sorghum head money for her dark skin, with no luster, she still sported short hair during the Cultural Revolution, hair like autumn Like the loose after the yellow straw.She has forgotten modified dress themselves, if slightly dressed, she still has a bit pretty.After all, she was not yet married spinster.  Into the city, she was assigned to the library as a library facility of her home, just room and board in the library Li Suge and Yuejuan marriage every day, totally binding at a specific time, specific environmental Scotland two years old , Yuejuan thirty-five, They can say is the product of a combination of an earthquake, or a twist of fate library and art groups are separated by only a wall that is a wall with bamboo fence is actually a shade of a mud cast this house behind the wall fart particularly clear that the house could hear earthquake, cafeteria no recovery, Scotland and Yuejuan on the stove to cook on a group of art.Scotland have not had it tough childhood, will not do anything to live, three meals a day is water Yuejuan Scotland do is to learn oil painting, a painting in the studio every day is one day Yuejuan cooked the food, called him a few time he was twenty years old and over eating very talented Scotland, he not only painting paint it, but the words are written very beautiful Scotland is not tall, white face, big eyes, deep eye sockets, hair natural volume, was he said much like the Albanians, coupled with Scotland nice name, called a lot of women are envious of Yuejuan Bi Suge half head high, she was like a brother, like to Scotland for his cooking, laundry, shoe, sewing clothing said to be like a big sister, in fact, more like summer mother of seven times seven years, Scottish replace billboards board in the factory, he pushed the car back on the road is a large group of artists caught in the rain, night launched a high fever Scotland lay in bed, burned stumbled talking in his sleep Yuejuan next door could hear clearly she pushed open the door of Scotland, Scotland touched her head, so hot it!She quickly put a towel soaked with cold water and wrap it in a Scottish head this time, the rain still falling outside, Yuejuan looked at his watch, is already ten o’clock at night the factory more than a dozen miles away from the hospital, she has no means of transportation, no phone, how this can do? Yuejuan worked as a barefoot doctor she returned to her house, brought a bottle of alcohol, she with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol Zug armpit and chest coming two night when Scotland wake up in the countryside, he wants to drink good Yuejuanyuejuan the already cool boiled water to end, scoop a spoonful fed Scottish Yuejuan sitting on the bed, Scotland lying in bed with eyes closed, tears unconsciously from Scotland eyes flowing down the inner ups and Scotland could not hold back emotions, the Yuejuan hugged him, cried and hugged Yuejuan Scotland’s head, kept stroking, she also cry . to the sound of two people in this rainy night in more tightly, cried even more sad since then, the evening went to Scotland Yuejuan water bed to sleep Scotland and I was the best high school students, and also a very good friend of his What if one day he told me that to me, I said something to discuss with me at noon to his quarters, Yuejuan was cooking, I was greeted and Yuejuan sister, went to the back room to go without Scotland cover up directly said to me: “old school, you’re my best friend, there is something I discuss business with you, ‘I For Scotland, said: ‘There are what matter, you say, “Scotland said:’ I have thought, autumn is October, my sister got married, and water, ‘I see a stunned Scotland I am a little surprised, he said: ‘I want a good sister and water,’ I thought for a moment and said: ‘What do you have to do many mentally prepared to die, the pressure first, family second is people’s mouth’ Scotland said: “these are my sister and water are considered certainly do not want their home, our family that my stepmother though she simply whether the big ten years older than me, but she was like a sister, like the pain I love my mother, I am willing to marry her in this life “Sister water in the outhouse cooked the food, that we eat out, I saw a water Sister, Sister found the water a little black shiny face felt flushed October, her belly swollen water sister do the bride, they take care of a factory dorm room briefly married though not anything of value, but also decorated like a wedding feast as they do not get married, just bought several kilograms of sugar, called everyone to eat a piece of candy, even if He is married after the Spring Festival, the land Grass just top ground-breaking skin, Yuejuan was admitted to the hospital because she is a woman of thirty, and very difficult to have children, pre-production period also had ten days the students do not come down, and finally the doctor to do a caesarean section Yuejuan as a result, doctors removed a black girl like her in the stomach Yuejuan’s and named Susan Scotland and Yuejuan daughter Susan was five years old, they finally moved into the building staff quarters transformation.Because they searched in a unit, the unit gave them two rooms.In this way, Scotland will have a studio of his own.After work, he would devote themselves headlong into the studio to do painting, sometimes water Yuejuan cooked the food, she let Susan called my father to eat, Scotland holding the brush still painted on canvas, just not to hear.Finally, Yuejuan had rice-ended studio.Scotland bread left holding his right hand holding a brush, sometimes he was too intently, almost bite in their own hands.  During this time, many Western Scotland copied the masters.Like Titian’s “Confession Margaret Darling,” “sleeping Venus,” Ingres, “Spring”, Goya’s “selling water girl,” Miller’s “The Gleaners” Sith Levin’s “village”, and Corot’s “Mengte Fontaine memories”.He put these paintings are framed copy hanging on the wall, walked into his studio as a museum exhibition.  Susan Yuejuan back to sleep at night, came to the studio with him to paint Scotland.Sometimes she also put forward their own views.Once, in Scotland temporary “bust sunshine effect” Renoir, when dealing with excessive color and light of how not also draw the kind of realistic effects.Yuejuan savvy high water immediately took off his shirt, untied bra, sitting in front of Zug.Scotland saw his wife under soft lighting, is so beautiful, so charming.Her smooth and delicate skin, breasts, nipples purple was the first time he looked at his wife’s body carefully.Yuejuan see the body, as if he found a charm from a deep spiritual insights and brush.A few strokes of his brush brush put excessive effects of light and color vividly demonstrated the.He looked at his painting and looking at a body of water Yuejuan, could not restrain his ups and feelings, what put the water Yuejuan hugged his hand brush, wipe the body of many Yuejuan color painting, and then he kissed frantically up.  In order to lay a solid foundation Scottish painting, Yuejuan the library of books on painting have got.If there are paintings on the magazine she also cut down, attached to a Big Ben, when data for the Scotland.For several years, she gathered several of the name of the album is Western masters Scotland.Of course, for a good painter has extensive knowledge is simply insignificant.To really learn the true meaning and realized masters of painting, copy some pictures alone are not enough.To leap you have to do the whole process glorious period from the beginning of systematic study of copy masters of painting.In order to realize the true meaning of the great masters of painting techniques and wonderful.This can not be done the Yuejuan.Therefore, Socrates had to beg uncle.  Scotland’s uncle in Dalian Oceanic Administration, was a captain.Often go abroad.Scotland after the death of his mother, uncle to Scotland as his son.Su Ge said, the uncle immediately agreed.When autumn uncle to England, he bought a box of books in bookstores, are the world’s great painters album.There Titian, Turner, Delacroix, Luneburg Lang, Miller, Repin, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, etc., etc..The Scots like them very much.He knew that these pictures can not be bought in the country.Foreign These original album, it is that some domestic oil experts are available to be but not impossible.Colleagues heard that he bought the original album masters from abroad want to see.Since the book is too expensive, as only a.It is said that if the shoot out, zoom into a color photo, you can save the.Scotland did not care, let them shoot.I did not expect this film, gave him a fatal blow and hurt.A friend of the “human and Apple” and “women and still life” portrait person’s head into the mainland a famous movie actor’s head.This bold ideas, people feel very fresh.But then, the creators, just put his wife’s nude photos, put on a movie actor’s face.Various photos in friends spread the.Later he found the local public security departments to trace the origins of photo.Finally, found the roots, the Scots pulled out.How Scotland would not think of these works of foreign masters became the bane of spiritual pollution of guilt and his fate!Factory security section of his studio all the things confiscated.Know the law of Yuejuan, called contains a list of staff.They took away more than a thousand items.Yuejuan save it up, and so one day Scotland all right, the security department to plant again.  That year of the twelfth lunar month, three labor camp guards took notice, Scotland came home and told him to sign, and immediately sent him to a labor camp.Scotland silly.He looked at the water Yuejuan cry, after all, he was a twenty-something kids, he’s where after this sudden blow ah!He can not help but flutter in the Yuejuan arms wept bitterly.Yuejuan stroked his head, like a big sister or like a mother comforting Scotland.After all, she was fifteen years old Bi Suge big way.Yuejuan the age of fifteen, his father was labeled a counterrevolutionary, she tasted raid.She convinced: Scotland’s problem is certainly wrong, he did not commit any crime.  Scotland hold baggage car, Yuejuan waved to him, then he turned and returned to the house and she burst into tears.  Scotland in the labor camp still doing his art work, he put the entire labor camp posters were painted on the blood and tears.Then his brush and slow, spirituality and charm on the tip at all but disappeared.At night, he lay in bed, closed his lights, his daughter Susan First, one would like to think water Yuejuan.His pillow was wet with tears often.  Three months later, the spring has long been outside the labor camp.After consulting the Yuejuan sister, she filed a lawsuit to the local court.After the court review of Scotland’s case made a first instance verdict.Cassation, rehabilitation, back pay.Get the verdict, Yuejuan and security section of the plant filed a lawsuit.It seeks compensation for confiscated goods.Scottish painting and drawing with stationery, after being confiscated it has been divided.I find now long gone.Finally, the factory at ten times the price of compensation for losses.  During the detention Scotland, Yuejuan running around, she found her sister consulting work in court, has found his father’s old men, but for the father’s written instructions to the old men, Scotland Perhaps the expiration of the labor camp detention.Perhaps not so far vindicated.  Scotland from the labor camp came out to put down the brush, no longer draw the.Yuejuan like stern mother severely scolded Socrates meal, this curse, curse woke up as if to Scotland.In the evening, Scotland headlong into the studio, he used the night time to complete a picture called “cold” painting.Picture is a man dandruff canopy surface, scruffy coat, a rope tied around his waist, salt Za reach out of the furnace in Kaohuo.The tone of the entire screen is gray.Characters on the screen appear dull eyes, facial expressions seem melancholy.The picture showed a full Scottish prevailing mood and complex mental activity.  After this picture perfect, he participated in the provincial art exhibition, won the first place.But the painting title was changed because “cold” is not consistent with the main theme, the organizers took the new name is “warm” for his paintings, click on the picture to improve the style.In fact, his award-winning reasons have a great relationship with this name.