Part One: Harbor someone says: “A man stared at the sky when he was not watching the sky, nor is it looking at the sky passing, he was just waiting for the lonely.”I think these words are only for lonely people do like, because only the lack of sustenance of people would be guarding lonely looking lonely.For those who have a heart of love, the sky is not bitter single cage, but miss the bridge.The missing person is happy, back taste of being concerned about, since it is no longer rootless duckweed.However, for well-child lonely people, the ability to have a can think of, then why not do a different kind of happiness?Lakeshore thousand, nostalgic look on the river.This is not a real village that can shelter home away from home for people wandering back well in the world, it is more like home when tired soul can stay quiet haven, is in the hands of the holding that a another miss the end of.  Like a man very happy, but sometimes it is very tiring: even if you can share the joy, sadness when they are mostly helpless.Helpless comfort, pale upset, inextricably open solution, your heart sad, my heart is also sad, bitter and astringent meaning the water like a sponge to be squeezed a little bit, it seems never-ending.Love is not defined.All along, we are all silly kept running, kept looking for what kind of hazy dream fate to the United States, only to find that the outcome is just a beautiful mistake, an encounter, we meet to get high, and smug farewell.Water overnight, the children always make sad people sighed with regret, this beautiful melancholy, such as the southern misty rain like gorgeous, such as fireworks but hurried wither.  Perhaps not the best harbor for boating lakes chic away, nor is it known in the arena so broke up, but then ran Xiangruyimo flat, hold hands, and the old Seoul.    Part II: home —- harbor night is already too much, a man sitting on the balcony.Under a light rain outside, waves of autumn, when mixed with the blowing of the Yin Yu, was clearly felt the coolness of the Mid-Autumn Festival.The hustle and bustle of the street during the day and calm has been restored, and occasionally you can see a few cars hurriedly Chiguo, very few pedestrians on the road but also very eager to go.They may be family members look forward to quickly go home!Perhaps because it is the cause rain!In the face of these passers-by may have already covered a busy day tired, because they did such a hurry home.  This time they have been home for more than just a place to rest just provides, she is a person’s harbor, is a warm, peace, harmony is!They just want to rush home to remove fatigue with this warm day, with a tranquil and peaceful to dilute the day’s frustration!Sauna net livelihood because some people from their homes to the city, because some people cause their whole family homes to the city, and some people because we came home and give up the small city.It is because they just seemed so prosperous city, it is precisely because of this prosperous city it seems they are so wonderful!But by night, these wanderer who did not favor them and love of home quietly?  Everyone knows that the boat trip thousands of miles, the harbor is the end.Ship unloading dock just under the passenger, more important is the maintenance and resupply, so as to sail farther.When confronted with squally showers, the boats returned to harbor, because the harbor is quiet and relaxed lee!  A man’s home is this not what harbor?It is true that everybody wants to own a home, but some people, for whatever reason it is difficult to get!  This time the rain a little big, big wind, feel more cold.House across the street there are several lights on, maybe they just got home it!  I think of my mother’s thousands of miles away, because my mother where my home!Because my mother is my heart forever home!  This is my idea of home, but also on the perception of home!    Part III: Green Harbor childhood home in the village of dill stump, once his father from brain cap tip (village a place name) to come back, bring back a dozen leaves me, and said: This is Ginkgo biloba, take it in the folder you most favorite book bookmark to do it, which leaves the anti Bookworm.Oh?I am curious to carefully look at those leaves, like the shape of palm-leaf fan, very compact, beautifully textured leaves with uniform thickness, really nice.I do not have a favorite book, only a few textbooks, textbooks in a few of my favorite pages in the book are a slice of the rest of those on the bindings into his father’s, is that which wants to create “a maze “the book moth away.  Many years later, I often recall childhood love to open those “bookmark” in the book, the pages look after them one by one, and put them into a folder inside pages, each closed the book, my heart is always flattered because it will always be that perfect look.Now, when I walk on the sidewalk Metro from Yi Keke ginkgo tree near the walk, you will feel a sense of intimacy arises spontaneously, very joyful heart.I always slow down, I looked up looked fresh green branches beckon, wanted to have a piece of watch over and over, small leafless, as children imagine elves wings, I like its shape and color , there is the texture of the leaf surface, such as sensitive lip like, like it sight?It has always made me feel human feelings and similar language.I think I want to hear what it says, but what it wants to say, but do not need to sound as if passed, it is hearts perceive it is to see me, as I see it the same.  Natural language wind blowing offer all kinds of tenderness, from far and near come to enjoy embracing, kissed the dark green leaves of ginkgo context.At the moment, there are countless crystal dew fall, like the way the pursuit of those who sweat, eyes flashing Jin Huangyao light in the morning, silent, very bright; like when the kids running around the eyes and forehead moist, accompanied by bubbly cheers laughter; love is like Catcher in the eyes of tears, but a loss for words until the heart eager to quell surging.How much dust moist, not like flying as ever.  Walking in the ginkgo tree Yi Keke, I am no longer bored middle of the road vehicle dust flying over, no longer nervous sweet siren disturb my fragile heart, ginkgo biloba thousands of Buddha as spoken by reading the Bible for you to wash heart messy.In this extension of the green streets, to speak, his shelter in a green bay, as if at any time have a smile, as dawn is so beautiful, evoke infinite hope rising.Shawl hair flying in the light dance in a clean, he showed off a chasing rhythm.Passers-green eyes that shine with Enron, with a touch of beauty without unspeakable, ablation of the restless and bored, to face the future intersection.  I do not know when it stopped under a tree, in my feeling this is a very spacious greenery of the.Forest colors in a color of happiness, warmth from nature, sentry general posture, is a model woodlands.Among the rest, as if melodious sound of the piano in between the leaves, the tree came graceful heart sing?I was really drunk here the.  I want to continue under a tree perched for a moment, think Dianqi feet touch the branches of leaves, pick a few pieces to take home and then clip in my love of writing in.Perhaps it is because I have grown up, I could not bear to disturb my beloved tree Friends.It’s every leaf let me put it down, surrounded by jade-like leaves, is its hair, it is the health of the United States, but also the health of the new city in the United States.I exhaled breath love to see it gracefully swaying with a few slices of leafless, when is the language between us.I will not tell it and placed it in the book expulsion book worms, I want to cherish interdependence with it, thereby driving troublesome loneliness in my heart and mind, let me have a quiet room, listening to music more perfect life, let thoughts of islands fragrance fragrance.    Part Four: warm haven person, there is always vulnerable, romantic and does not require much language, tired, have a hug can rely on; pain, you can have a soothing know.Even across pairs, but also a silent love.Even silent thoughts, but also a practical peace of mind.  People always have a home shelter; heart, there must be a recreational harbor dock.The most lasting love, is plain stubbornly persists; the most intimate warm, wind and rain in’ll stay.Happiness, there is a read your people; warm, is to have a person willing to accompany you.  Home, very plain, as long as the can see the smiling faces of their loved ones every day, is happy to show; love is very simple, as long as the will miss each other every day, is at ease emotional.Happiness is not ethereal, that heart will feel; love is not far away, that the two knew of understanding..Heart, only one, do not install too much; people have only one life, do not chase too tired.Joy of the soul, the spirit of the rich from; the simple joy, contentment of mind from.The best feeling is to find a partner able to talk to.A variety of topics, always goes on; repeat language, I do not feel tired.  Companionship, sexual gratification is a habit; understand that interoperability is a love of two hearts.Have to have, and should be cherished treasure, look back at, there will always be a light to illuminate the pace of our progress; there is always a ray of sunshine, give us warm; there is always a smile, is for us to bloom.  Time, will precipitate the most real emotions; wind and rain, will test the warmest accompany.Far away, just superficial; left, is the cherished love.Is more enthusiastic, may not keep too long; love is dull, not unfeeling.Xu is the illusion of eyes to see and feel the heart is most true; the promise is illusory ears to hear, to listen to the heart is most important.People like to admire the happiness of others, a look back, they found themselves looking up by others, envy.But, their happiness, often in the eyes of others, but not in their hearts.  Select decide the fate of the environment created life.Sometimes, people know how to avoid problems, than those who know how to solve the problem.Many times, when we do not know how to do, please select Suishun karma, perhaps this is the best option.The winner not because of capability but because the concept of.Use action to control their emotions and not let emotions control actions; let the spiritual enlightenment of wisdom, and not let the mind dominated ears.  Person’s life, there are always some unspeakable secret, not escape regret, can not touch the dream, forget love, prosperous place to live may not be warm, homely fare to see the truth.Life is actually very simple, is to give yourself a smile, to warm people around, the color reserved for years, put simply left to their own, like a word, if you are in full bloom, the breeze unsolicited.