Part One: guard the soul tree snowflake falling down from the sky.Before it came down, the white plume of water vapor hanging on its hands and said, come to stay, there is a vast space, went down you will lose freedom.It did not hesitate to embrace a still small dust, fluttering flew down.  Snow falls on a riverbed, ice wide open mind to accept it.At this time, there is a gust of wind blowing, the snow on the ice that you stay, your white and my white blend together listening to the rhythm of winter.Snow did not stop in its footsteps, the wind and fell on a tree trunk.The following is not a frozen river, the river flowing trickling.A spray surging say, come on down, and I’m happy with Rangers.  Snow lying on tree branches, stays, it faces the bright sun, blinking of the most beautiful in the sunlight, calm and noble gesture.After a few minutes, its body begins to melt into a crystal drops, lost in the trunk, leaving only its soul noble dancing on a tree branch.  In this way, a snowflake, declined all retain, and the temptation to accept, adhere to the faith of their lives, run any soul roll back and forth, with its unique trajectory of life, to prove their dignity and holiness.  Full of life, not how much they own, but rather how much space to give yourself a broad.Likewise, noble life, nor in what is their own position, but that freedom can unswervingly adhere to life.Any life has a soul Qinxiang trees, even the kingdom floated a snowflake, or is in a wilderness swaying grass, even a rush running ant, then humble life, as long as look trees hold the mind, not outside all confused, confused, lost, will be able to hold on to life’s most precious things in this tree soul, is your dignity, your integrity, your faith, your love – the most in your life pure background.    Part II: Life Pure Land guards accompanied the hearts of too many accidental, born from you, death to you.You came to this world, it is likely to be accidentally created by your parents.It happens to be a follower of mind arising when the mind is not calm when it will extend many of the problems.Ancient saying goes: “House seemingly endless rain.”It’s sad, but also very helpless.Why difficulties frequently arise in your difficult times?Why bad luck is always connected to the constant arrival?Almost sad!This is a state of mind, because Kanbu Kai, because the heart impetuous, because it is not cool, because not satisfied, because not satisfied, because.When I encounter difficulties Why are impatient?It seems urgent is one of my big problems ah!But why heart he always wanted to slow down, want to live a quiet life.I think the wind cry, I want to take the high ground.Along bucolic, let nature clean my earthly strange idea.I wanted to do something quiet like to do, nothing else helped himself with a shadow Dramas Chunhuaqiuyue.  Why great value conflicts outside ideas and heart, a big gap?In between fast and slow, it seemed so “difficult”; in the face of reality, always looked so pale.Watching the passage of time, but I grew older, as if nothing.Is success is extremely difficult?Fu is it so difficult to pursue?When some people talk about success, always so self-confident, always calm, always seemed indifferent.Because he had succeeded, and now I believe success is the success of.What is happiness?This text discusses the millennium, why has not the answer.I believe, whether now or in the distant future, there will not be the answer to happiness.Happiness is a state ideology is in his heart.Happiness never be able to be defined, true happiness is indescribable, say happiness is not happiness.Sauna net success, happiness.Happiness, success.They do have a definite link?When a person is successful, he blessed you?When a person is happy to represent him succeed it?  A sense of satisfaction success, happiness is only human.Success is often done, it is for others to see; happiness is to enjoy yourself is to own a feeling.Success and happiness often with a strong chance.Today you are successful, but tomorrow it may be unknown.The day before you smile, frown and has recently.Standing on the edge of history, the vast scroll back.Why success’re far away, out of reach happiness Why.It is a state of mind can not be met.  The value of life lies not in how much success you have, that you do not have much contribution to society, but rather to see whether you hold that piece of pure land in my mind.Even if you are wealthy, even if your high position, it is nothing but superficial.Pure Land guards hearts, and that is to meet.Pure Land guards heart, is happy.The shuttle in the history of the ocean, so rich repeat itself up, and how high everywhere.But most of them were abandoned years, forgotten by history.  The desert sand is not always there, is not there has been a land of lakes.Mountain stretches, the river changes, the total turnover change with the years.Marshes, is a rehash of the past.Sun and the moon change, infinite blessing of life.