Part one: the dead gardens recently read several novels, listening to a few songs, watched a few movies, drink a little wine, a few games, and it was time I squandered, found big ballast, it can be said now able to I have only been squandered time.Always wanted to write something, feel able to write out the points, he found the time to write overestimate their own.Are like repairer, handlebars, frame, frame what all here, later found no assembled chain.So when I ride it downhill, uphill when I ride it, usually pushed by.Or accumulation is not enough, I want to!!!  I have recently gone through some things, and my heart very capricious, and therefore the mood changed again, chaos, chaos and lose yourself.A friend told me a man not too tired, I told him just to get drunk.Later, he was drunk, I sent him home.He said that when the road willing to let go of me, I said I was a gorilla, hunter rather be caught, do not want to put down the banana.  I think they can be very free and easy, but found not deceive ourselves.Essays and changed the sentence: My fortune, lost it to my life!I know that some people never meant, knowing that some people are destined to be together, but I still want to cry.I did not courage, but can afford to get fit.Remember the saying, Love is like pulling a rubber band two people injured is always reluctant to let go of that one.Very appropriate, not only the rubber band broke my hand, but caught up to me, circle around the memories, and sketched out the scars.  Want to walk out, a person off the phone, back pack, walking in a strange journey, to find a clear-ning.Won the next swig clear spring water, and then the next person standing in the upstream when the water through a straightforward urinate, publicity last laugh when being chased by people, when looking at naughty children, although I do not know then top how many people like me.No one took advantage when puffed in two places smoking ban, then flattered count how many fine save.After some haggling and small business operators, he told me not to smile?Heartless wanton whom, rebel path from the release of pent-Road.Of course, this is just my imagination, ideals and reality as parallel lines, orangutans do not like.  Love comes, I open the door to the warm welcome it in, love want to slip away in my doom against the door, God has opened a window for it, my son ran inside a person, in my leaving behind the endless moaning in the wind.  I decided not to step into your garden, because you have planted the seeds of love, I’m afraid your tears will attentive care to drown.I decided to go after their dreams, because it is too beautiful, I’m afraid broken could not find their true selves.I decided to leave your life, because you have to find a new direction, someone will for you than I do even better.I will not cry for you and haggard, because someone will wipe away the tears for you.I no longer cry for you and haggard, someone will hug you tighter.When you leave me, please do not Torah, I will calm smile.In the night a man licking wounds, than you think I want to come strong.Years later if we can meet again, please tell me you are very happy, this is my only requirement.Part II: Our autumn sky south garden, we have a home in the suburbs.  This is unintentional, but a sky garden windfall.Legendary castles in the air, so thanks to the widespread.As a three-story detached homes, the host family lived on the first floor, second floor, third floor, leaving just the sake of my reverie castles in the air.Often a good view of always a feeling of natural Ling, Pinnacle peaks distant, near field mixing layer.  A giant camphor tree next door, across the mountain stream into a small canal, we covered the entire field of vision sunny, twisted branches circling, green leaves Bik.This is our sky garden.Sauna net early in the morning, it’s garrulous birds, wake softest feeling, like love stroking my flowing hair; Ming with a night of spring, still buzz, like a child’s breathing symmetry, people tranquil and secure.Like wearing pajamas lazy leaning on the railing of the balcony, bouncing back and forth to see the birds in the branches Qiu, singing love songs, facing the situation, then; also like a bunch of leaves drew near, sniffing the taste of the morning, it is not a touch of dye hubbub of fresh, intoxicating Heart of clean.  Child and reading aloud lover, I always just right to bring another move.Boy child crisp sound, standard and clear articulation, I sincerely proud; love with the magnetic baritone, Yutie my every cell.Suddenly, I feel a woman is really a happy thing, is inexplicable pain with her husband and son.  In the evening, the setting sun, put this hospital plated layer of pale green Phnom Penh.Then, pick up a book on a bench leaning against the balcony, casual look, a rare pleasant.Sometimes children will lean on my side, do homework, or watching his own “We love science”.We will discuss a problem, or together with a scientific study interesting.Nature is great, humans are clever, so simple happiness into a painting, flute lover happens to be wonderful, but then the voice-over.  Wise said that the mountain if there is no water, there is no spirituality; benevolent say, if the water left the hill, lost towering.  My air garden, although one tree forest, but without losing the towering mountains, Smart water.Barry Dayaoshan my garden green screen, Yao River diversion streams come, come together to form a bending twists and turns of a small canal, from the side of my house around the tree and over, year-round endless gurgle.Ding-dong sound of spring night, is our most serene lullaby, delicate care of each sleep; in the morning it all the way to singing and, escort children to school or to work with us, it was a happy starting point; in the evening, whisper exhort, to meet we come back, that’s my happy Terminal.  An ancient willow, got the message bypass sunny camphor, but also to please the soft, long branches stretched out on our facade, do state graceful, too lazy to refuse, as we tentatively out of the curtain bar.After re-manicured gardens also allow weeds, I just let it air garden it more of a different color.