Part One: The next freeze a week ago, I had planted a pot of potted plants, hand-pick the soil, sowed the seeds by hand, then helped the pouring of water, the next day it really grow sprouts.Slowly, beginning with tender white buds, and later became the seedlings, and then later it grew into a lush plant.I started to put it down, then a week, every day after work I can not wait to go back to that belongs only to me and shared it home and watch it, looking at it a little bit growing up, so I kind of experience to the process long-lost sense of achievement and satisfaction.Yes, the humble string bean, on the way short week, it suddenly became endowed with individual life, and this change, but I give it!  Now, it began to become more and more lush, originally used to hold it in small pots that can not meet the needs of its growing up, I was a bit sick of it, enjoy it the beginning of the disappeared, to go out this morning when I had the idea to make it disappear, but that idea just a moment, but then I eventually did not let it go out with me, but at night when home again to buy a flower pot.I should not be the end of its life, or I’m not qualified to end it, even if I give it all, and I do not qualify as!Like everyone else, and nobody has any qualification to the end of all who have, whether it is jealousy or hate, we can only learn to accept, or to flee.  I am no longer at it, perhaps it flourished, without understanding the beginning, I went back a week away from my lonely, cold night, the mood seemed to be to render, and my heart seemed to be cool, feeling cold.I began to fear the dead of night, the lanterns, family reunion night; in the streets, love line side by side in the night..Night, imposed on me is more, deeper richer lonely, I would like to also throw off rejection!  Tired and would like to have their own free time, comb good mood, good mood the whole fight, when after really have discovered that loneliness can no longer obscured, all just become a cover up habits that.  Time, from that moment, it is doomed to be fixed, the length of the freeze has become the way to go after this person, until the next freeze, cycle life.    Part II: youth freeze if the youth is a clear quietly flowing water, then the photo is carrying our green years skiff, which has stood the time of sharpening our beautiful qualities of youth record under.  ”eggplant!”With joyful voice sounded, ‘Kacha’ soon, instant freeze-frame the students of smiling faces.When we open the album, his face raised a boundless joy, those photos have traveled to witness their own, is presented to his most precious gift of youth.  Chase with these memories, it seems that an old friend of laughter past, now heavy sigh sigh ear.Behind every photo has some strange story, every picture also have been documented in the youth’s footsteps.Graduate, packed up three set of laughter, in parting occasion, many people gazing album, is hearts pulsing with infinite regret.  Youth goes, but time does not stand still.When we left the campus a few years, ten years or even decades, look back to their own footsteps, suddenly we discovered that the pace has been as clearly printed text on the beach, already blurred storm with time stamp.High School has also become wonderful memories to mind pale, lost its bright past, passion also disappeared.Sank everything is clear, only endless regret devouring the hearts of memories.Sauna net “pace of youth, not because of your negligence stay for a second.”.Do not be so painful planted a hidden danger for his life, those times you grow to become India’s disappearing, “resume” on the photo.  Youth flying college life, it is important journey in life monument.We bid farewell to the sour ignorant youth, began the transformation of newborn.Everything here makes us feel so strange, but it is also everywhere to show the unique charm, with the photo a little bit of burn it down.Photos of the years most loyal burn division, but also the magic of magician, it will freeze our character in that moment of history, it can freeze every time we beautiful, burning every second of joy, every collection of real witness the growth of each one, engraved touched every moment.A photo, some deep-seated memories; a photo, and his deep-seated memories.    Part three: the roots freeze – opened in the heart of a woman I have to spend a flower planted in my heart, meaning budding yo.And Zhao Zhao evening twilight, I daydream just waiting for someone to fall asleep.When the familiar beautiful melody in the ears, eyes out of that excitement when touching tears, a long time in the depths of the memory of the vicissitudes, echoed just amazed that a woman flowers.Woman blossoming, a woman is a flower, a woman is never wither spent four seasons.Saw a year-old flower bloom another year-old put, had a strong smell Yixiang year after year.Spring to autumn, a little attention, earthly former naughty naughty little girl, actually becomes a slim pure and lovely girl.  Female long womanhood: spend the same age, face like a flower, like a flower of arrogance tender, flower wet from head to toe are new.She comes from fluttering colorful flowers, the flowers slowly from flourishing and to.Like the budding fragrance smelling buds, like glamorous fragrant petals.With enthusiasm like fire, with a water-like aura, vibrant music and dancing all the way to singing and dancing proud of the way…  That rosy shiny charming face, like a pools that twinkle in his bright clear eyes, that charming scene Arrow elegant figure.In the United States you my heart, light in the sky Red.Star bright, beautiful luster, colorful, fun to watch.Yo woman!Like the name like a flower, like a flower charm.Woman flowers swaying in the mortal world, a woman took the wind gently swing.Where the Red, where there is a woman passionate lingering shadow.Where there is a woman, where there is the flower of the Red brilliant.Spring gentle woman with peach, pear poignant and subtle way to us.Crimson face with a shy girl, that passionate eyes with a quiet girls: sweet floral, only heard of care; boundless shame color, only to marvel sentence; flowers such as tear down, just for a song to talk.Such a beautiful woman, so you can not help: What a beautiful woman flower.Woman with pomegranate enthusiasm summer, rose unrestrained came to us smiling.That wonderful pace, light dance, filling a woman of forceful and passionate.This woman, gentle enough brilliant, such as Fei Liu’s falls, such as the Pentium ocean, always provoke endless source of fascination for your heart: a good woman to spend blazing.Autumn elegant woman with chrysanthemums, roses dedication to us walking quietly.A mature woman of tenderness, a mature woman and courtesy.As the horizon of the moon, such as undersea coral.This woman Wenwen Dian Ya, look rich, full of solemn and holy woman.This woman always makes you never forget, feel pity: Good gentle woman flowers.Winter woman with Samuume solitary Fang and walked proud and arrogant to us.A beautiful and fragrant flowers blossoming disdain in the cold, snow staggered matched with a blossoming.Her extraordinary temperament, filling the woman’s calm and cool.This woman is a bowl of pale tea, a cup of strong coffee, it is a pot of vintage wine: fragrance overflowing, refreshing, memorable.Good and noble woman flowers.Women are the Tianshan snow lotus open undefeated, is the city of Luoyang peony contests, is the southern sky Fei Xu of Cotton Tree, the Gobi Desert is a unique lilac, but under the scorching sun unstained lotus.Open in the mortal world of vast sea of people, in open sea of Red Dust.Where there are flowers, where there is a woman; where there is a woman, where there is a lovely flower woman.  Women are Conglingxi mountain of azaleas, is mountains and plains of Zi Jinhua, Acacia blazing red roses, it is never open undefeated flowers woman.Informed loved heavy, concentrated wine drunk I discovered, who will really find Fang Cong?Women are like beautiful flowers dream.The roots freeze, only for the beautiful woman, the roots freeze, opened in the heart of a woman flowers.If you smelt fragrant flowers, please do not ask for whom the flowers are open.