That day, the Grand Secretary Minister Qin Yanbo are reading the study, the servants came to inform: to monitor the censor asked to see Wang adults!Little time, to monitor the censor Wanghuai Ding get in the door, and fell down Pianbai: adults, Beizhi something Xiangqiu original, Wanghuai Ding recently according to the clues, find out Rites assistant minister Mao Yong misappropriation of public funds, in ad litem, he found that just by Mao Yong people ordered, the real culprit behind the scenes.Just when Wanghuai Ding determined to follow it vine suddenly cut off, Yong Mao was poisoned in Tianlao.  Wanghuai Ding sighed: to instigate Rites assistant minister, in the prison and murder, this man must be the minister of state in North Korea.Continue to pursue it, I am afraid that will slash.Beizhi Sibuzuxi, Lest disaster Yan son Tianshu, so ask an adult to look after Qin Yanbo hand on the white beard, generously said: and please be assured that from today, your son is the son of the old lady, the wife will not allow anyone to hurt him nothing.  Wanghuai Ding feel grateful, kowtowed to give thanks.However, he was worried that something happened.Before long, the culprit behind the pre-emptive, bribed royal butler, will be buried in the royal treasury treasury silver back garden.The emperor learned Wanghuai Ding stop thief, Longyan furious, decree handed down, decapitated before Wanghuai Ding, Wang Wang and down the rivers of blood that is the only survivor of seven years old child Tong Tianshu, horrible disaster occurred, he had to take shelter under the door to the Qin Yanbo.Tianshu vivacity good move.That day, he was taking advantage of people do not pay attention, drill down to the temple in.Qin Yanbo Buddha is a Buddhist person, bearing magnificent temple was built.Tianshu left look right look, workaday place, the Buddha of compassion, the Goddess of Mercy, smiling boy, Jingangnumu.  For the temple in the middle of the handheld Jingping Guanyin, Dragon and discrete sides Zenzai boy.Tianshu whim, skip to next Zenzai boy, imitate his gestures.Just as he was carried away on the occasion, heard footsteps outside temple.He Xianshibumiao, and quickly jumped out of the high-profile, drilled to supply under the table.  To those who are Qin Yanbo, he knelt down in front of the Buddha, his hands clasped together, an air of pious incense and prayer.Under Tianshu listen they would understand, that he was frankly stated his intention before the Buddha, before you try to describe the crime, Buddhas wish, plead for Buddha bless.  TSC is heard the more scared.Accidentally, he met legs, a flop.Qin Yanbo harsh bark: Who?  Tianshu crawl out from under the table for, staring Qin Yanbo, if not hear it, see, he really can not believe that this man turned out to be hidden deep in the big evil arch corrupt!Tianshu teeth asked: kill my dad is you, right?  Qin Yanbo ask to be sighed: he insisted to track down in the end, for the sake of self-preservation I had shot, but he asked the old lady was not negative, you are not good?The old lady’s life will never go back, you can continue to stay in the Qin government, just as today had never happened.  Tianshu bit surprised and asked: Why do not you kill me?Qin Yanbo faint asked: Why would I kill you?The old lady’s life experience countless things, has never been defeated, did you fear this child feet?Of course you have heard some of my secrets, but did not grasp the slightest hard evidence, who would believe you said that out?Even though some people believe, the old lady who would dare to fight with?  Tianshu strode out of the hall, out the door turned and said coldly: Someday you’ll regret it for today’s decision.  Tianshu this left the Qin government.Qin Yanbo much thought still a little worried, he called to a trusted housekeeper, let him find a few Shijingzhitu, spying on every move Tianshu.  A few days later, the housekeeper came to report: That kid has been living on the streets, the beggars.But he is not a beggar blocks, he heard a full day on an empty stomach, and even have to eat bread, only at night no one, and can pick up points scraps Qin Yanbo nodded slightly, I thought, it seems he is still overestimating the Tianshu.  When the housekeeper and then come to Qin Yanbo, a gloating expression: classic, tells you a good news, I’m afraid the guy whose mind was something wrong with the.Cold weather every day, he should still wearing unlined, cold nose DC.It was pitiful to see him, to send him clothes, he took wiped his nose, then threw.Lord, not to say ridiculous and after a while, the steward said to Qin Yanbo: I’m sure the guy brain has been completely broken, you know he’s doing it every day?He stood as straight, like wood piles, can stand all day, until the station was going wrong, and fell to the ground, got up and continued to stand.I guess before long, this kid is cooked Butler then quickly fulfilled, he smiled and came and said: That kid disappeared one night, he simply no place to go, definitely dead.  Qin Yanbo out of the study, slowly walked into the temple.After the lessons of the last, he reinvented the temple, the altar made of solid, wall-standing statues, no matter under the altar, or Buddha, no longer can the guest,.Qin Yanbo kneeling before the statue, and looked forward to praying: I Buddha of compassion, sinful disciple, one year after the prayer of the day, Qin Yanbo Cause of being cold, the emperor personally door visits.When the emperor put drive back to the palace, Qin Yanbo attentive hands.Unexpectedly, when passing through the temple, the door suddenly opened, suddenly out of a man, kneeling down to cry, childish immature: Your Majesty, I am afraid the crime Jingjia, the villain injustice alarmed deeper than the sea Imperial guards, knife halberd Saide , fall upon the man.The emperor looks a little set, take a closer look when the man could not help exclaim: Zenzai boy apparitions!Kneeling in front of the emperor, is an impressively colorful statue, look at the body side of the Goddess of Mercy is clearly Zenzai boy.Everyone staggering, just listen to Qinyan Bo Chen Sheng said: This is a monster no doubt, make haste to leave only to escort the emperor that Zenzai boy actually cried like rain: Reflection for the emperor, who the villain is not a demon, the real big evil giant evil in his fingers Qin Yanbo, Cutting said: villain there is sufficient evidence accused thief, thief Qijunwangshang trip, one after another, a piece, all carved in among the temple, after Avalokitesvara, please emperor Check out seeing the emperor ordered the imperial bodyguard statue of Guanyin, look like the characters, Qinyan Bo can not help but face grew gray!  Jujian borrow, the King shock.The throne room, the emperor fingers around young children, Chodo voice resounded: ancient glycopyrrolate for the twelve phase, this has TSC-year-old anti-espionage, his deeds, a sense of heaven and earth, so I moved the original, leaving Qin after that, the TSC after some pondering, had already made up his mind to posing Zenzai boy, listening traitor mind, sufficient evidence, opportunistic revenge.To play Zenzai boy, we must first have enough power stations, just like statues, motionless; secondly, in addition to Qin Yanbo will be out of the temple, the servants often to replace offerings during the day is totally unacceptable to leave the high table, he you must endure one day hungry at night to steal a little offerings; in addition, to the winter will be very cold in the temple, he only hard next.  When Tianshu beggar, deliberately starved, desperate to practice martial arts Zhan Zhuang.After abruptly boil they can adapt, find a TSC designed for colored statues craftsmen, so he gave himself painted color painting, a boy dressed appearance Zenzai.Next, a dark and stormy night in a month, TSC from doghole Qin Fu climbed into the temple, buried under the statue Zenzai boy’s move, to stand on their own platform, since prisoners began a long career of the emperor decreed , the Qin Yanbo at the cut: although Qin Yanbo bent plead, but I did not realize the true meaning of Buddhism?Matrimony, break and Buddha, Buddha eyes Ruju, how can we let him?