Childhood home is not rich, coupled with my brother and sister, a year of snacks can be described as very few, in addition to the home garden of fruits and pear peach or something, the winter, the seeds become what we sent greedy, the year will be close to the New year to buy some oranges, apples, candy or something, a small number, but very “precious”.    Those things to buy back not just eat, but on “high-end furniture,” when my parents got married – cupboard.    That in my eyes is just a rectangle, painted exterior paint, which is empty hall large wooden box filled with clothes in addition to things, and this account is not too much of our family’s money, which I do not care, so I feel good about it is that it filled my father bought back from the market, “delicious”.    Whenever there is something good in the cabinet, and I will pay special attention to flip open the cabinet cover voice, “squeak” like a door was opened the same desire seductive – is not going to send delicious La?    Down cabinet cover hands scattered the door locked with a nose hit the rhythm sound like a piece of iron crashed into the following heartbeat, busy down plaything in the hands of Couguo see what happens ,,,,,, adults all know that children only eat a long eye, especially in the era of scarce snack, it is our special greedy.    Atriplex spring, will climb to a string line and a bigger down into his mouth munching, but also did not forget to break some branches dropped to train and gave us standing under a tree watching these eye Pakistan little ones a fresh taste, we loot with, not to eat, but to accumulate in the hands of the number of branches Atriplex.    To apricot down, we are also a good time to, in the garden cucumber, melon, crab apples, tomatoes, what are the mature one after another, to fall pear, jujube, but some light through the winter.    When winter comes, I look forward to go to the market after the sound of a loud cabinet.    When West and East, and I was the youngest, you can pick, you can pick one of the largest and family sitting together to eat apples, each one is very sweet, are not breathing the province will eat it slowly eat, chew slowly, along with the pleasant scent up time.    Now life is better, no longer a child snacks “patent” and, of course, I am no longer a child, but a child’s mother, eat snacks to eat on buy large bags, no longer do not put in the cupboard waiting for “issuing”.And that mouth cabinet, has also been replaced by crop after crop of furniture out, but its “body” mast, where to put all of space, I say throw it, can parents insisted on free house.    Occasionally go to the house looking for something free, will also hand out and touch the door locked with the nose, hand fiddles, listen to boring it falls on iron, heavy sound, close your eyes, I seem to feel to a blowing sound when you open the cabinet and cabinet fruity delight, as if they felt the family sat eating an apple with a sweet ,,,,,, now and then could not eat apple crisp to the taste of childhood.    A small utility room, several displays of furniture, cabinets from their parents, boxes, and then a large wardrobe, and then when we got married wardrobe, stacked two generations manana, from youth to HUAFA in the furniture over time of those years, decorated fathers, and our beautiful Love.