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Yaozhu is what we often call scallops, known as “the best seafood”.

Yaozhu’s nutritional value is very high, it has the functions of nourishing yin and kidney, and strengthening spleen.

Yaozhu makes soup. The soup is delicious and has a strong nourishing function.

However, although there are many benefits to Yaozhu, after all, infants have many taboos in their diet. Some parents worry that their children cannot eat.

So, can infants eat Yaozhu porridge?

Let’s take a look below.

Babies can also eat scallop porridge in moderation.

Usually, babies over six months old can eat, but mothers can only give the baby a little drink to observe the baby’s digestion. If there is no problem, you can gradually drink more.

If it is eaten by the baby, the scallops need to be chopped up, and they must be boiled and cooked into a paste, so as not to get the baby.

If you are over 12 months old and under 4 years old, you can also cut the scallops into small cubes.

Scallops are rich in protein, starch, riboflavin and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., all of which are very likely for the baby’s growth and development.

Therefore, it is very safe and healthy to give your baby some scallop porridge.

For adults, eating scallops often helps lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and nourish fitness.

But the baby’s absorptive capacity is relatively weak, and scallop is a high-protein tonic, so mothers must not eat too much scallop porridge for the baby.

And when making scallop porridge, it is better to put less oil and salt, which is more beneficial to your baby’s health.

In addition to eating scallop porridge, mothers should also pay attention to whether the baby’s nutritional supply is comprehensive, and must not just eat the same nutritional products, to ensure that the baby’s nutrition is fully absorbed.

Ingredients: Anchovies, 1 Yaozhu, 30g lean meat, 50g red dates, 3-5 mints, 5 slices of cilantro, 1 ginger, 3-5g salt, and seasoning 1.

First clean all the ingredients, and cook the Yaozhu porridge first, the amount of water is relatively small, because the catfish soup will be added; 2.

2. Fry the fish to medium fry, add water until ready to add, lean meat, red dates, ginger; 3.

3. Wait until the fish soup is creamy, pour the sturgeon soup into the Yaozhu porridge and roll it together; 4.

Add mint, coriander, approximately salt, turn off the heat for about 10 minutes, and a delicious breakfast is complete