Eat more vitamins to prevent sub-health

People’s intake of vitamins is slightly insufficient. According to a recent survey of residents in Shanghai, the daily intake of vitamin A in Shanghai is only 573.

4 micrograms, the absorption is 69 of the supply standard.

91%, obviously insufficient.

Vitamin B1, which is only 1 per person per day.

2 mg, the amount is 88 supplied to the standard amount.


Vitamin B2, which is only 1 per person per day.

0 mg, the amount is 75 of the standard amount supplied.

4%, not enough.

銆€銆€Although vitamins are not the raw materials of the human body, they can not provide the energy needed by the human body, but they play an important regulatory role in the metabolism of the body. They are the composition of many coenzymes in the human body.

Although the body’s need for such substances is minimal, it cannot be small at all.

If the supply is insufficient, the metabolism of the substance will be impeded, the health condition will be affected, and sub-health and even disease will occur.

銆€銆€Appropriate improvement of eating habits Now that life is better, the material supply is rich, why is the human body lacking vitamins?

This is related to people’s eating habits.

We know that vitamin A and vitamin B2 are mainly found in the liver of animals.

However, obesity, in daily life, there are too many people who do not like to eat animal liver, which is a factor that can not be ignored in the absorption of vitamin A and vitamin B2.

In addition, you can improve your living standards. The more you eat, the more white you eat, the standard rice, the standard powder can’t be bought, and the more you eat, the smaller you eat.

As we all know, the main source of vitamin B1 is food crops, and it is mainly found in the epidermis and germ parts of food crop seeds.

Due to the fine processing or repeated processing of food products, the loss of vitamin B1 and the damage are significantly increased, resulting in insufficient intake of vitamin B1.

銆€銆€The study found that vitamins may help to suppress HIV to recover from sub-health status, correct the lack of vitamin replacement, first of all to adjust the grain structure, change the more white food, the more bad the habit of eating less, the appropriateWhere the local increase in animal liver and carrot intake, it is recommended that white-collar youth each take vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin A, one each.

In order to prevent excessive vitamins, stop on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so that 5 days a week, so that human health needs vitamins.

Vitamins are very cheap drugs, but the effect on human health is very important, even young people can not ignore.